1. Gianmarco

    Help for a temporary change of input keys with an event

    Hi everyone, First of all please forgive me if this is the wrong section, this is my first post on this forum. Nice to meet you by the way! I am currently developping a game with RPG Maker MV and I am struggling to create a "confusion room" where the player must move with inverted controls...
  2. FeliPereira97

    Any alternative keyboard for input?

    In 854x480 resolution (ideal for mobile), the keyboard when inputting text is cut at the bottom. Is there any alternative to this one? Or is there a way to change the top box's size?. Thanks in advance
  3. PhxFire

    Changing/ adding key commands to game

    Basically I want to clone the functions of the ESC key to the Backspace key in MV. Is this possible, also are you able to program in new commands to keys, or swap keys out for other ones? Thanks!
  4. Psychronic

    Any Way to Set Yanfly's Keyboard Config to WASD by Default?

    I've been trying to modify Yanfly's Keyboard Config plugin to have the WASD layout by default (since that layout also allows the user to use the arrow keys as well, so it just allows both). But I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to make it so that it's WASD by default. Does...
  5. Yoryd

    Name Input through Keyboard with International Support

    So, I found a good plugin to input name with keyboard called Name Input Upgrade by SumRndmDde, but the problem is that it doesn't have support for international keyboards. And since I'm making a game in portuguese that uses the name input processing as a password input, sometimes there are...
  6. Quintus

    Persona 5-esque battle menu?

    I'm looking for a way to emulate some elements of the Persona 5 battle system. For those who don't know it's set up so that you can select your target in advance if you want and then your attack, guard, items, skill menu, etc. are all mapped to buttons instead of being in a scroll menu. I like...
  7. Yanfly Button Event plugin freezes player commands

    Hey all, I'm trying to use this plugin to fire a common event upon using a specific key. ( ) My goal is, when pressing a specific key, to ask the player if he wants to leave the game with a regular message box (Yes/No). The issue is...
  8. AaronTrip

    Detect Keydown and Key release!

    Hi, Im pretty new to RPG maker MV and im a little stuck right now. Basically what I want to do is for the game be able to detect when the keys J, K and L are being pressed down, and also when they are released. The Mechanic for my game is color changing so in short what I want is when a key is...
  9. Aloe Guvner

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player) by Aloe Guvner Download DEMO ( 18MB ) Download Plugin Note: This plugin is not under active maintenance. Introduction This plugin creates a new scene where players may type notes using their keyboard with a fully functional text editor...
  10. Customizable Name input characters

    As the title says, i was thinking if there is a chance to improve the window name input, by : I.- Adding/removing/replacing characters from the window, and binding some characters to commands, when clicked/touch. -For example, you could edit one of the symbols shown by default on the...
  11. gregbaby

    Any way to make a script call for this keyboard script?

    The script: I noticed the ` Key is usable with this script and I'd like to have a script call for when this button is pressed so I can perform an action in my game. I've added the script below to download if anybody is interested in taking a look at it.
  12. Roseredpinball

    How to assign a common event to a key on my keyboard?

    Maybe I'm just stupid, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this. Is it even possible or do I need a script in order to assign common events to keys on my keyboard? If so, could you recommend a script for doing so? For example, I would like it if pressing T on your keyboard...
  13. Jonforum

    Play with Mouse or Keyboard ? [POLL]

    Thank you for your answers . A simple study. You prefer games with only keyboard, mouse or pads. What is your preference ???
  14. Funplayer

    Basic Rebinding

    Pretty simple concept really. vk_keycode: 'action', For various VK_KeyCode variables, consult this guide:  Input.keyMapper = { // ok, escape // shift, control, tab // up, right, down, left // pageup, pagedown // debug...
  15. DK

    DK Name Input

    Title: Name Input Version: 1.1 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Description: Allows input the name from the keyboard Features: Supports Backspace Supported languages: Russian, English Download: DK_Name_Input.js
  16. Rikifive

    Multiple Controllers Support

    Hello everybody! First off, I'd like to ask about this: These sections don't exist (unless they're well hidden) ~ so is this section proper for this kind of requests? This is pretty confusing and inconvenient. Okay ~ back to the topic~ I'd love to ask/request for a Multiple...
  17. MyLegGuy

    Should I use the input class, or my own key listener?

    Right now, I'm using a bunch of if statements in the update function to check for keys. if (Input.isPressed("up")){ }else if (Input.isPressed("down")){ }else if (Input.isPressed("left")){ } else if (Input.isPressed("right")){ } The problem is, sometimes a key is missed if I tap it...
  18. How to Pause the game with Enter key?

    Hello. I would like to pause the game wither Enter key by freezing the game, music, animation, etc. Even for autorun events. How can I do? Thanks guys!
  19. DK

    DKTools Full Input

    Title: Full Input Version: 3.0 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Description: All keys of the keyboard and gamepad. Requirements and dependencies: Availability of working plugin DKTools version 0.99 or above Version of RPG Maker 1.5+ Features: Checking the press of any key on the keyboard or...
  20. Etienne Vallée

    How to win combat in debug

    Hi,  I have been using RPG maker since Ace and I'm missing a function. When I'm playtesting my game, I want to skip combat and go directly to the reward page. In Ace, I could do this by pressing F8 while in combat. Now F8 opens the debug console.  So I'm wondering if there is a way to skip...

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