khas awesome light effects

  1. Gravemaster

    Khas Light Script - Not Enough Range

    Hey guys. So, I've been using Khas'es Light Script for my Ayumi: Enhanced Edition. In an update I did lately, I wanted to increase the range of the default light effect, so I simply expanded the graphic using (see 1st image) Now it works great, but when transitioning to a "tighter"...
  2. Guardinthena

    Trouble with Khas's Awesome Lights

    I...I have no idea how this happened or how to fix this. All I did was copy the note tags, scripts, graphics and everything essential over from Khas's Awesome Lights demo and....this happened. Is there a size limit on how far the shadows will reach? The map displayed in the picture below is...
  3. dudeguy119

    [VX] Need help converting Khas' Awesome Light Effects to VX

    So since Khas now allows editing and free use of his older scripts, and I am not really looking to part with VX due to the amount of work I put into it, I've been attempting to make Awesome Light Effects work in VX. I have a method to replace tags (not included in my in-progress script)...
  4. Dreadshadow

    [ Luna Engine and Khas Awesome Light Effects ] Problem with full screen effect compatibility

    Let me say that this is my first Luna based script ever posted. So I got Khas awesome light effects script and putted it into the Etrian demo (I build upon this). Did some RGSS3 modifications to make my menu look almost as I wanted it to be. Later on I will change the pictures to make my own...
  5. Khas Awesome Light Effect Script Assistance Again

    Earlier I asked a question that I figured out that had to do with an actual problem I was having with it's set-up. This is more of a question of curiosity for something a bit more effective and convincing regarding it. I noticed when I was playing my game, when you entered the room that had the...
  6. Khas Light effects+ HUD

    I'm using Kha's awesome light effects and Falcao's Pearl ABS. But when I adjust the lighting with Kha's script, it draws the darkness over Falcao's HUD, so the HP bars, etc also get darkened. Is there a way to make Falcao's ABS appear above the effect layer drawn by Khas light effects, or...
  7. Simply Ryan

    Khas Light Effects Limitations/Issue

    Hello all. I just need a little help with a problem I ran into when using the Khas Awesome Lighting Effects script. Upon start up, I get an error message saying the following: Script 'Khas Awesome Light Effects' line 233: SyntaxError occured. unexpected tINTEGER, expecting '}' 11...
  8. Khas Awesome Light Effects Line 680 Error?

    Hello everyone, I've been having some trouble with the "Khas Awesome Light Effects" script. Whenever I create an event, set a "Comment: [light 0]" I get an error when starting the game I really suck at scripting and understand very little of it. I honestly don't know what I did wrong. I...

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