khas awesome light

  1. Klaykrow

    Trouble with Khas' awesome lighting

    I really hope this is in the right place to post this, I don't use forums too often as I try my hardest to scour google to fix my problem, but I'm sadly out of luck in this case. Alright, Now to my problem. I'm using Khas' awesome lighting effects in my game and it's running fine for lighting...
  2. RoxaDragonheart

    Kha's awesome lights - Is it possible to make the light event move?

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right cathegorie for this thread. I added the awesome lights skript from Kha ( ) to my actual project and wondered, if is possible to make a light event move around. To be clear, I do not mean a torch or a lamp, I...
  3. FeaR616

    [ACE] Khas Awesome Lights - Multiple Static Lanterns

    Okay, I am using Khas Awesome Lights Script because... it's awesome! You are able to give the player a lantern with few simple steps. great!!! but now I tried to use the static lanterns ... not only one, multiple lanterns on same map. while testing, it seems to me that this script only...

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