khas engine

  1. Khas

    Sapphire Action System IV

    - Introduction: An ABS, plus a Pixel Movement and a Particle Engine. The result? SAS IV. - Features: Full Pixel Movement Khas Particle Engine powered Realistic Collisions Awesome Gameplay High customization Weapon icon Easy to use Skills Lag free Damage PopUp Optimized HUD Voice...
  2. Khas

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Awesome Light Effects by Khas Arcthunder - New version! A new version of my lighting script is available! It's called Ultra Lighting and it is a great improvement over Awesome Light Effects! You can get more information about it here.  - Introduction: Hello there! This is an...
  3. Khas

    Arc Engine - Realistic platform system

    Arc Engine by Khas Arcthunder Introduction: Arc Engine is a complete platform engine for RPG Maker. It makes the creation of platform games very easy and accessible, without losing performance and it's realistic physics. Features: - Realistic Physics - Perfect Collisions - Gravity -...
  4. Khas

    Khas Self Switches

    Khas Self Switches by Khas Arcthunder Introduction: This is a tool that makes the control of other event self switches possible. Also, this script implements some extra commands for multi-switch control, such as toggle, turn ON, turn OFF or set. Examples: You can turn ON the self switch "A" of...
  5. Khas

    Sprite & Window Smooth Sliding

    Sprite & Window Smooth Sliding by Khas Arcthunder - Introduction: Tired of boring linear speed movements? I just have what you need! Slide your Sprite and Window objects smoothly! - Features: Smooth Sliding for Sprite and Window objects Based on Simple Harmonic Motion Timed movement Sliding...
  6. Khas

    Khas Pixel Movement

    Khas Pixel Movement by Khas Arcthunder - Introduction: Well, this is a Pixel Movement script. It modifies the original "tile step" movement into a "pixel step" movement. It's a really cool effect and it creates a better gameplay. Also, this script has a special collision system which provides...
  7. Khas

    Khas Pathfinder

    Khas Pathfinder by Khas Arcthunder - Introduction Do you need some awesome tools? Check this one, a pathfinder! This script calculates the shortest route between two points, and it also moves any Game_Character objects with the found path. - Features: Smart pathfinding Fast Algorithm (no, it's...

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