khas ultra lighting

  1. GroundZeroGames

    RMMV [SOLVED] Khas Lighting Plugin Bug: Toggling the player's lantern on or off briefly disables their collision?

    While working on a spooky game, I discovered an interesting glitch(?) that has to do with Khas's lighting plugin. The game uses a toggleable flashlight. However, while turning it off or on... THAT happens. I'm not entirely sure how I can go about fixing this. This is a pretty annoying...
  2. goldrat1

    Khas Ultra Lighting and Parallax Mapping incompatible / lighting 'glitch'

    Hi, RPGMaker Forums, I've been using Khas's Ultra Lighting, and it's stunning, but I noticed that the lighting doesn't affect the overlay pictures that I'm showing from my parallax maps on the 'Above Player' level. Below are some examples of this: These are parts of the map that go over the...
  3. Hyouryuu-Na

    Compatability issues between two plugins

    I'm using Khas Ultra lighting and Java Hut Save Extension and they don't seem to work well together. My whole game is centered around Khas Ultra Lighting and I need it too much to go find another lighting plugin. JavaHut's plugin allows a screenshot to be shown in the save files. The problem...
  4. yumi1803

    Khas UltraLighting issue

    Heya RPG Makers, I have a little problem with Khas UltraLighting. I'll show you: This stripe drives me crazy... does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you~
  5. Kes

    Lights in battle

    I think I have misunderstood how this works. If I set up an encounter in the same way as the demo, then I can get lights to show. By "in the same way" I mean that I walk up to a sprite, and in the event command I have e.g. $game_map.set_battle_lighting("simple") then I get the lighting...
  6. Pirate Ship Tileset Compatibility

    Hi all, My first post on the site so forgive me if it's in the wrong place.  I was looking at getting the Pirate Ship Tileset and the Khas Ultra Lighting Resource
  7. Shin Kitsune

    KUL stops working when Tinting or Fading out Screen

    Hello! I just got the Ultra Lighting scripts for a game I'm working on. The problem is I tend to use Tint Screen or Fade Out screen a lot, in order to start cutscenes or atmospheric effects. But I have noticed that after these commands run, the Ultra Lighting engine no longer works. Is there...
  8. Kes

    Does height region 1 need to be different?

    If I have understood correctly, the region which is set determines the shadow that is thrown in an undifferentiated way. However, I think region 1 needs to be different for the following reason. Take, for example, a small cupboard, table or sideboard next to a window. It's going to be region 1...
  9. Kes

    marshall_dump for class Shadow_Overlay

    First off, let me say that I am greatly looking forward to being able to use this script.   However, at the moment it is generating an error message as follows: Script 'Yan/Eff comp fix' line 21: TypeError occurred. no marshall_dump is defined for class Shadow_Overlay. The script it refers...

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