1. Tiffypowers79

    RMMV Khas Lighting Timed Lantern.

    I got Khas Advanced Lighting Plugin from here: http://arcthunder.blogspot.com/p/rpg-maker-mv-plugins.html Basically I'm having issues incorporating a timed lantern into my game. I have a common event set up wherein when you use the lantern item it starts a timer and then turns PlayerLantern...
  2. [MV] Ultra Lighting Message Box Bug in Android

    I am using your UltraLighting plugin for the Rpg Maker Mv platform, but for some reason when I compile for Android, (using Android Studio or WebSite Builder APK) the common dialog text messages disappear, just disappear, and I don't know what to do to solve, when I disable it, they reappear, and...
  3. Anthony D

    Khas Advanced Lighting V 3.1 - Error

    I am seeking help understanding what I'm doing wrong, and how to fix this problem. I encounter the following error message when a map using this plugin is loaded. The problem seems to only happens when I input the following command (I was following Khas' tutorial, which is odd). The...
  4. Kirri

    [RMVXACE] Centering Text.

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm wondering how to align center the text in the dialogue. I am aware that there is/are already message system that include this, but I'm already using Khas Message System, so it's incompatible with the other message system. When I turn off Khas Message System, I need the text...
  5. ARC Engine switching actors

    Hi, I'm making a game with the ARC engine for RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm trying to make a system similar to Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64 DS in where you can switch characters with their own abilities. I keep getting the error " Line 57: no method error Undefined method 'size' for nil:NilClass"...
  6. Chucksaints

    khas smooth sliding and luna engine

    hello makers, I recently found khas smooth sliding and managed to apply it's effect to all windows except actor selection window. I know that luna engine has it's own functions but how can I affect that window too? Sorry for my bad english Thanks Image attached
  7. DeyJay5

    Help with Khas Message System!

    I am using Khas Message System script for RPG Maker VX Ace (link below) and I cannot figure out how to put the speech bubble over a particular event. The script itself says: \e[x] Place the balloon over the event X. Example: \e[12] I have done exactly that and it is...
  8. Gravemaster

    Khas Light Script - Not Enough Range

    Hey guys. So, I've been using Khas'es Light Script for my Ayumi: Enhanced Edition. In an update I did lately, I wanted to increase the range of the default light effect, so I simply expanded the graphic using paint.net (see 1st image) Now it works great, but when transitioning to a "tighter"...
  9. Klaykrow

    Trouble with Khas' awesome lighting

    I really hope this is in the right place to post this, I don't use forums too often as I try my hardest to scour google to fix my problem, but I'm sadly out of luck in this case. Alright, Now to my problem. I'm using Khas' awesome lighting effects in my game and it's running fine for lighting...
  10. yumi1803

    Khas UltraLighting issue

    Heya RPG Makers, I have a little problem with Khas UltraLighting. I'll show you: This stripe drives me crazy... does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you~
  11. gregbaby

    (VX ACE) Help with Selchars HM Calender Script + Khas Awesome Light Effects.

    Hello everyone! I hope there is somebody here who can help me. I'm currently trying to get these two scripts to play nice. #Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System #Author: Selchar #Version 2.1 LINK TO THIS SCRIPT and # * [ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects # * By Khas...
  12. Khas

    Khas Hint/Tutorial System

    Khas Hint/Tutorial System Introduction This is a simple plugin that adds hints for a more dynamic tutorial in your game! Features Easy to use Lightweight Customizable (font, colors and range) Video Required Plugins KhasCore KhasGraphics Download You can download it here (click me!)...
  13. Khas

    SapphireScript - A new language to make RMMV plugins!

    Introduction SapphireScript is a new scripting language to make RPG Maker MV plugins. It's readable and easy to use, it helps on keeping your codebase organized, and it compiles to javascript using RPG Maker MV conventions. Here's a video where you can see it in action! How to use Make sure...
  14. gregbaby

    Khas Pathfinder script - NPC arrives at destination and reacts...

    Hello everybody, I'm currently toying with the Khas Pathfinder script and it's pretty neat little script to automate your cities NPCs to give them a little more "life", I was wondering if any of you have figured out a way for an NPC to react once they get to their destinations on the map...
  15. Khas

    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    Khas Advanced Lighting Introduction This is one of my graphics enhancement plugins for RPG Maker MV! It adds a lighting layer to your game, completely processed by your graphics card with GLSL shaders, so you will get great performance and awesome eye candy. Current version highlights Here's...
  16. Khas

    Khas Advanced Fog v3.0

    Khas Advanced Fog Introduction This is one of my graphics enhancement plugins for RPG Maker MV! The fog on this script is procedurally generated, completely processed by your graphics card with GLSL shaders. Current version highlights Here's the latest update for Advanced Fog! I've implemented...
  17. Khas Message System Demo

    Please Help! I can't download the demo :C It says: Sorry, this file is infected with a virus Only the owner is allowed to download infected files.
  18. Ally

    Khas Light System Update

    I open this thread to know when will be released the update of the Khas Light System... When it will come released?
  19. Khas

    Khas Advanced Graphics (deferred lighting and procedurally generated fog)

    Khas Advanced Graphics Lighting and Fog 2.0 Update This plugin has been discontinued! Lighting and fog are now separate plugins, and both of them require my new KhasGraphics plugin. You may read more below!
  20. Khas Awesome Lighting Effects Error!

    Okay so I am trying very hard to use the "Khas Awesome Lighting Effects Script" and it is killing me. It is so irritating to use for a newbie and there are so many errors. Now my game wont even let me play because of an error. I downloaded it straight from the guy's website, so I'm not sure how...

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