king arthur

  1. Samurai8

    RMMV The Celtic Arthurian Legend

    RPG Maker MV + Plugin Action Battle system Kagedesu ( Patreon ) Synopsis : In the Middle Ages in Brittany, King Uther Pendragon and Queen Igraine are expecting 2 children. The witch Queen Igraine has a vision of the future where she sees the ruined Castle of Camelot where her daughter Morgana...
  2. recoculous

    RMMV Lady of the Lake RPG v 2.2

    Title: Lady of the Lake (RPG), version 2.2 Engine: Made with RPG Maker MV Price: $5 Story You start with Vivian, Merlin's apprentice, also known as the "Lady of the Lake" in many King Arthur stories. Your first quest is to find the chosen one destined to be the king of England and give him...

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Time for the next chance for y'all to affect my advent calendar! Where should Day 7's sprite come from: land, sea, or demon realm? :rwink:
Throné's final boss is weird. He is a guy holding a baby while fighting off attackers. I think his name was Santos. I might be thinking of someone else.
I think I've just about finished fighting the fight with the tileset I was most intimidated by for game jam. No pictures yet, the map isn't presentable, but I think the tileset will work! I'm very relieved XD
Twitch! At it again with more gamedev for a couple hours, followed by some Valheim with my friend. Feel free to drop by~
these 80+ gb updates on several years old games are the absolute worst. I just want to play for an hour or so before bed to unwind. Sorry, gotta spend that time downloading an update. Then my mods will be broken so I'll have to start over or wait for those to be updated to. Is a complete game within three years of the pay to be a beta tester period really to much to ask?

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