1. Radical Nox

    EIS Achievements (MV)

    Yo! Doin' a lil' crappy project right now - and got a problem with EIS Achievements plugin (dunno' how to reach Kino). Problem - plugin is not working. I follow instructions from EIS tutorial step by step - but I still can't open achievements window or even make one achieveable (nor script nor...
  2. Kino

    MoonFlower - Localization and Event Scripting Plugin

    Introduction This plugin allows you to localize and script events in your game. Change the game's language on the fly with simple script calls and plugin commands. Or, write your events in your text editor with familiar commands! Version 1.4.0 - Beta Features Localize database skills...
  3. Kino

    EIS Plugins

    Introduction I decided it would be easier to manage all of my plugins, by keeping them all in one place. This makes it easier to handle bug fixes, update plugins, or make the necessary changes. As a result, I'll be linking all my plugins that are available on my website. Amaryllis - Core...
  4. Kino

    Rem System - Text Replacement [Updated: 1.04]

    Rem System Version: 1.04 Introduction Do you wish you could have NPCs be more dynamic when they say something? Or maybe, you would like to have easy ways to import text into your game. I definitely know it can be annoying to play with switches in RPGMaker MV just to have your NPCs be...
  5. Kino

    EIS - Cecilia Numerical Pad [Updated Version 1.03]

    Introduction This plugin creates a new numerical pad, which you can use in your game. This pad lets the player enter numbers, remove numbers from the buffer, and overall have a more robust numerical pad to use when they need to enter numbers. This can be great for things like...
  6. Kino

    EIS Random Items

    EIS Random Items A short script that lets you give items to the player randomly from a list (array) you declare. This can be good if you want to replicate something like gathering points from Monster Hunter. Or, put a little bit of RNG in the items you wish to give to your player...
  7. Kino

    Cecilia Music Player

    Cecilia Music Player A floating music player on the map scene, that the player can listen to and drag around on screen. Version 1.00 Core Features Playing Audio Switching Songs Bar showing how far along in the song you are Script: Note: To use this script, you'll...
  8. Kino

    Cecilia System

    What is Cecilia: Cecilia is meant to be an in-game manager, and a back end helper for the programmer/scripter. She is meant to serve as the basis for more interesting plugins in the future. Things that work only for the system itself. And others, that work for the developer, developing new...
  9. Kino

    EIS Screen Shots

    Intro: A plugin that allows you to take screen shots in game. Version: 1.01 Features: The ability to create screenshots, and have them exported to a folder. Setting the destination folder to a path of your choosing. Different file formats for manual screenshots. Screenshot...
  10. Kino

    EIS Cecilia [WIP]

    Introduction I'm working on a new plugin, which will be my first plugin that will have split files for different functionality. This plugin is  a part of a larger system called Cecilia. What is Cecilia: Cecilia is supposed to be an in-game manager of sorts; she acts as an assistant...
  11. Kino

    EIS Musical Items

    Intro: This plugin allows you to create items that play music on use. The best use for this would be something like records in your inventory as key items, or audio files that you use as clips for the player to listen to. Version: 1.00 Features: Plays music for specific items that...
  12. Kino


    Intro: This plugin allows you to create an icon menu on the map scene, which you can access using touch input. Version: 1.00 Features: Touch Input Player won't move around while clicking inside the menu frame Buttons can run any sort of function you want You can use icons to...
  13. Kino


    Intro: This plugin simply allows you to create item packs in game for batch rewards, etc. You can create weapon, armor, or item packs. Version: 1.00 Features: Developer can create packs of items, weapons, or armor to be used in game to give to the player as a batch. Instructions...
  14. Kino

    EISLockedSaves - Updated [1.01]

    Intro: This plugin simply allows you to lock the player into a save file upon starting, or loading a game file. Version: 1.01 Changelog: : Goodbye lag and troll save slots( slots not updating). Features: Player can't switch between save files upon loading, or starting a new game...
  15. Kino


    Intro: This plugin allows you, the developer, to create save states for things like multiple endings. This way you can keep each ending for viewing later on the title screen. Version: 1.00 Features: Creating save states Enabling save states Disabling save states Removing save...
  16. Kino


    Intro: This plugin allows you to display floor numbers on a map. Version: 1.00 Features: Lets you set a floor number in a dungeon Decide whether it's above, or below ground Shows "1F" for above ground, and "B1" for below ground. You can change the floor number...
  17. Kino

    EISTeleportationSystem Updated: Version: 1.03

    Intro: This plugin allows you set up a teleportation system in game. Version: 1.03 Change Log: Added ability to change player direction during teleport <teleportMap: <x> <y> <direction(see numpad)>  Example: <teleportMap: 11 6 6 > -- Player will be facing right after...
  18. Kino

    EIS Notification System [Updated: 1.03]

    Intro: This plugin allows you to create notifications in your game. Version: 1.03 Change Log: Added adjusting notification window sizes, based on text size Added more notification types (gainExp , level up, etc) Added different text for exp or money gain / loss Added...
  19. Kino

    Kino - SocialSystem [Version: 1.01]

    Intro: This plugin allows you to create a social system in your game; essentially, a list of contacts that you have on any map in your game. Version: 1.01 Change Log: Fixed the Scene, so you can back out accordingly back to the map. Features: Scrollable Contact Window...
  20. Kino

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    Intro: This is a plugin that allows you to create books that the player can read in game via events, or common events. It brings up a book scene, which lets you go through a book page by page. Changelog: KRBook.js replaced by EISLibrarium.js Add multiple language...

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