1. Kino

    Kino - Slow Text

    Intro: This plugin allows you to adjust the default text speed in message windows. It waits between each character draw. Version: 1.02 Features: Slow down the text that shows up in the message window. Works with Yanfly Message Core! You can change the text speed on the...
  2. Kino

    Kino - Visual Novel Town

    Updated 3/13/2016 Intro: This is a plugin that allows you to replace a map scene with a backdrop. Similar in style to a visual novel. Version: 1.02 Features: Access map events from the menu Shop, Inn, Save, and Load as standard commands You can disable the standard...
  3. Kino

    KR MultiBalloons

    Version Number: 1.01 Introduction:This is a small plugin that allows you to prefix multiple events on the current map with balloons. Afterwards you can call them with a function on a single event on the map, instead of having multiple events on a map to loop through balloons for...
  4. Kino

    (Battle) Change Weapon Plugin

    Version Number: 1.00 Introduction: This is a short plugin that changes the weapon you use in battle by using a skill. Features: Change weapons in battle using notetags Instructions/How To Use: Insert a notetag like below; the notetag name is case sensitive ("changeWeapon") is the only one...

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