1. ReeledTiedBTH

    Battle System Similar to The Crooked Man

    Is there a plugin or....someway to make a battle system similar to the crooked man? You know how you have a knife and you just spam z on him till he ded or something.
  2. Radar

    Bandit Enemy Sprite

    Hey guys I made a sprite for one of my projects but figured I'd share. Free to use.
  3. residntevl

    Knife Weapon Animations

    It's hard to find resources for knives and I love knives, so I made some of my own for my game, but I thought that'd I would share. Terms Credit required, credit Resi or Residntevl Free for non-commercial use Message me if you'd like to use them for commercial use. Icons Weapon Animation...
  4. aypooma

    Make an item usable outside of battles?

    So I'm making a game, and i want it to be so you could kill a character in the map. How would I go about making an item to kill it? For example, You could be walking around and you find an empty house you could rest in, but there's an enemy guarding the door so I want to make it so you can take...

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