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    Kocka Plugins by KockaAdmiralac Introduction So, some of you have been informed about my presence on the forums... I was about to make 4 different topics for my plugins, when I realized it's needless, because I can just post all my plugins here. This will be a thread with all my plugins, maybe...

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Well... things are slow. I'm still waiting to get called back into my position, but I do have some time to design my games.
Suddenly wanna hear this ...
The best way to end your day? Cuddle your kitten! :LZSproud:

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September 29th
Silent Hill 4pm, 91F, air quality forecast of 301 AQI

The mask upgrade appears to be working great, I've had less hallucinations of weird fleshy creatures today... Some even look like people. Though I remain unconvinced of such. Still in hindsight, I probably should have treated previous "weird fleshy creatures" better, just in case.

Still no Pyramid hat though, I'll keep searching.
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30 Followers and I'll stream a game while using a voicechanger

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