1. Script compatibility with Falcao ABS and Kread-EX Cannibalism

    Hi, I want to use Kread-X's Cannibalism script with Falcao's ABS script but there's an issue. If I use the skill I've tagged to be my devouring skill and it kills the enemy, I don't get the bonus specified parameters. If I enter a battle (VXA's original battle system, not the ABS), and kill an...
  2. Guardinthena

    Trouble with Kread-EX's Asagi Gun License

    As the title suggests, I'm having difficulty getting the Asagi's Gun License to work properly. I'm using Trihan's modified version of Kread-Ex's. I've tried following the directions on Grimoire Castle and Trihan's post on the modifications he's done to it and looking up other help pages but I...
  3. nazgul

    Kread-Ex Glimmer, Animation function add on.

    I was wondering if anyone out there was talented enough to play an animation on the actor before the glimmer goes off? Very similar to the saga series? I have an animation prepared just need the effect to be animated in the script. So basically the script functions as normal it just plays a...
  4. Uzuki

    [Ace] Kread-EX's And Fomar0153's Individual Equipment Script Compatibility Issue

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with Kread-EX's scripts working with Fomar0153's Individual Equipment Script. I have the scripts place in the right as shown here, but sometimes when I try to open the weapon menu I get this error: When I remove the Asagi Gun License script, I get a...
  5. Uzuki

    Kread-EX's Possible Add-on

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get a edit for Kread-EX's Runic Enchantment script. I was wondering if there was a way to have only certain runes applied to certain weapons. For example: The Rune, Scope, can be applied to all Gun weapons, but not to Melee weapons. It would really help...
  6. Chester

    Kread-Ex's Skill Fusion not working Fully

    Hey, Here is the link to the script page Here is the link to the actual script As I mentioned in the title, this script does work but it only works like 50% of...
  7. RainbowGrenade

    Help with game over common event

    I'm using Kread-EX's Game Over Common Event script, and it's working great.  The only problem is that after dying once, you can't die again.  I'm not sure if this has something to do with the fact that I'm using XAS ABS or not.  If someone could help me figure out this issue, I'd be very...
  8. FeaR616

    [Help] Got Error on Kread-EX Cannibalism Script!

    Hi there, me again. Sorry for bothering the Forum with that, but since I got no replies on the original site, I hope someone can help me here with that. So, I want to use Kread-EX Cannibalism Script because I think it adds some funny gameplay parts to battles. But I am facing an error and...
  9. Tortured Healer

    Noobie - Kread-EX Traits Namer + Alchemic Synthesis

    I apologize in advance if I'm not using the site in the proper way by asking for help here, but I am having trouble understanding and/or using Kread-EX's Traits Namer and Alchemic Synthesis scripts. There is no crash or message, but I can't seem to find any explanations on 1. Where to install...
  10. Euphoria

    Kread-EX Runic Enchantment Help

    I'm using Kread EX's Runic Enchantment: Fomar0153's Individual Equipment: And Kread-EX's Individual Equipment...
  11. DarrellLeon

    Conditioned Traits Stacking (Solved)

    So I'm experimenting with lots of scripts at the moment to try to get a feel for different ones and different features that work well in my system. In the future I am going to be building the game I'm working on from the ground up with all my own scripts but it's nice to get a feel for how other...
  12. Hiek

    Kread-EX - Animated Battler "Speed" issue.

    I been using Kread-EX's Animated Battler for while now and I noticed that the enemies attack too fast. I tried using Yanfly's Ace Engine (Animation Speed), and I also tried Ace Battle Engine's "AUTO_FAST" which makes message not wait. The enemies attack before the actor's "attack" animation...

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