1. KeeganKLM

    Return Label Plugin

    Return Label (version 1.000) by KeeganKLM This is a plugin made for RPG Maker MV version 1.6.2 Introduction This plugin allows you to call a Go To Label statement in a particular way so that the game remembers where it was called, so that it can be returned to later. Through this, you can...
  2. FoxySeta

    [Solved?] Labels and spaghetti code

    This is kinda of an "eventing" (how is it called outside RPG Maker?:kaoswt2:) style question, but when are you actually supposed to prefer labels over conditions/loops scene commands? In high-level programming, for example, goto should be used only when: a program automatically generates code...
  3. Lonewulf123

    Adding Animations/Opacity to Yanfly Event MiniLabels

    Hello, I'm using the Yanfly Event Mini labels to show icons above my events. This helps to show the player what the action key will do when they interact with certain events. http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/08/yep-40-event-mini-label/ I was wondering however, if it would be possible to add more...
  4. Helstern

    Can't move when using "Jump to Label"

    Hello! I figure the answer to this is very simple, but I can't seem to find an answer after searching around for it.  I'm trying to play around with skills and common events and found that the "Jump to Label" function is causing my character to freeze in place.  Below are the screenshots of...
  5. Sekunri

    Labels vs Loops in common events?

    Not sure if this will get answered in time to fix it before Game Jam is over but I made a few common events with Labels in them and it seems like they aren't working. I was wondering why and if Loops would actually function in this equation. I'm going to proceed with finishing what I have...
  6. ImmortalAmpharos

    Chrono Trigger Map Labels

    I'm currently looking for a plugin that will put some text on screen when going over a specific tile, like it works in Chrono Trigger. I only want it there when I'm on that tile, and I don't want to use the show text feature, because it would be unconventional for what I'm trying to do. The...
  7. warssonunlimited

    Jump to Label constant activation

    Probably belongs in scripting but I wasn't able to set it up there, anyways. I have an event where you can go ahead and read whats on the sign in the training area. You read it once and then your character gives a little line about what to do next. After you go ahead and get at least one...
  8. GreyStone84

    My First Large Event - Help

    Started off making a simple event that gave you a choice of which prisoner to save. Turned into five events, one of which is 13+ pages, incorporates switches, conditional branches, variables(my first use of them) and parallel process (also my first use!). I've heard labels are good, but I see...
  9. Tsukihime

    Key Item Trigger Labels

    This script is an add-on for Event Trigger Labels. It allows you to assign key items as trigger labels, allowing you to use key items to trigger events. You can add multiple key item triggers to an event, each with their own set of responses. By pressing a button of your choice, the player can...
  10. Tsukihime

    Assigning Multiple Action Triggers to an Event

    In this article I discuss a particular type of interaction between the player and events. We start by looking at the basic “action” trigger and how it works. Afterwards, we go straight into how we can turn this simple idea into an extremely efficient and effective way to create events that will...
  11. Caustic

    Conditional loops & Labels

    Another random question I'm not sure has been asked but didn't come up after a few searches... I'm currently building a tutorial, and have looked into using Labels as a means of repeating information at the end of the tutorial, just on the completely impossible off-chance that someone who is...

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