1. vandingo

    Laboratory tileset

    Hi I would greatly appreciate I'd someone open heartedly make me a rtp style laboratory tile for MV :) By laboratory, I mean stuffs like a chemistry set, xray machines, incinerator, and other doctor like things. I guess it's SciFi in short. Thanks in advance <3
  2. Mad Scientist Set

    Hello, Everyone. This is a resource request for a Dark Mad Scientist set with sprite, face, and battler. The context is that a mad scientist who was once part of the soul of Hades is in a factory using equipment that, if he (/it) isn't defeated, will turn the world into monsters. Could someone...
  3. Tsarmina

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Good morning! Good night! Good anything-in-between! Now that I've gotten smart enough to resolve issues with photo uploading, I've decided to start a resource showcase! Though, as you may see, it's a laboratory rather than a resource showcase...mostly because I'm experimenting and you have to...

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