1. kaffe

    RMMV Castle's Labyrinth - A game I made in a day.

    I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them, so I decided to give myself a challenge: make a game to completion within a single day. Well, this is a finished project, for all that it may be. It is not at all what I anticipated making when I started, and it's probably not...
  2. TheAlexG

    [Done+Extras] Labyrinth - A Journey of Remembrance and Survival

    Labyrinth - A Journey of Remembrance and Survival - Prologue   Story/Plot: Trapped. Adam doesn't remember how, or why, but all he does know is that he's now trapped inside a room with one way out. What lies beyond the door? Danger? The great unknown holds much that Adam probably...
  3. Labyrinthine

    Labyronia 2

    Labyronia 2 (RPG Lite Series) 10 years have passed since the hero of Labyronia fulfilled the Dark Prophecy. This hero, Arres, fought back against the four elemental beings , invading their strongholds across the land. He helped to dismantle the armies of monsters that had trampled the...
  4. Labyrinthine


    Synopsis Labyronia is a traditional, story-driven RPG focused on partly non-linear progression and exploration in a large and original world. Advancing in the world and puzzle solving requires critical thinking at times, even though most puzzles and environmental hazards are fairly simple to...

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Haven't been working on any of my projects or resources lately as I'll soon be moving to a new apartment. It's been a stressful move but I'm really looking forward to it.
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