lag issues

  1. jackass__

    Inconsistent framerate drops on different devices

    Hi, I'm making a game on RMMV for the purpose of being playable on browser (computer and mobile) and I've got a steady 60fps on play test and deployment version to browser too on my computer and mobile (google chrome), but when I tried it on friends setups on google also (same update 118) I...
  2. Lag fixes?

    I have a very decent pc and have played RPGM games in the past on way worse pcs, but on my current one the frame rate is probably below 20fps (don't know how to check) My pc specs: 16gb ram, 3050 RTX, I5 13th gen Edit: this is not a game I'm making, I'm only playing it Edit 2: this is happening...
  3. Lag when moving around with mouse.

    Hello! First time posting, never had an issue that I couldn't figure out myself but this one has been bothering me for a while and I'll take all the help I can get. I'm trying to figure if this is a fixable problem. What's the problem ? When you move using the mouse and you click on a tile...
  4. Playtest lag

    I downloaded a list of plugins from here And I intended on using them,but first I wanted to test the demo that came with them, And so I did. It was REAAALLY laggy,but I thought it was normal for a demo full of events and like, 94 plugins. The...
  5. Bowtirage

    Intro screen lagging?

    It only happens with the project I’m currently working on and It didn’t start doing it till recently. when you first hit the playtest button it takes you to the default powered by RPG maker MV screen but that screen sits there for upwards of a minute until slowly fading away. When I get into my...
  6. RMMV Lag issues with Select Multiple Targets plugin

    Hello, I am using Select Multiple Targets together with YEP Target Core and YEP Taunt. First few battles(ranges from 2 to 4, I used two different troops for testing) on a new save work as intended without any lag. Afterwards every single battle lags during target selection(ignores input, I have...
  7. Editor Lag (Regional Language issue?)

    Hi, I have been making a game on this for the past year, and it's all been done since the very start with a laggy editor, meaning it freezes on every event, or when calling any sort of database. I can guarantee it isn't a hardware problem, an OpenGL problem, a tileset-size problem, or a driver...
  8. Lord Vectra

    RPG Maker lagging

    It's not lagging in-game. It's in the editor where it gets weird. When I go to the database, it takes it awhile to open, and if I click to move to any tabs, its slow. When I try to open an event, it's also slow. It's not like this all the time, but I don't know what's causing it, and it's...
  9. Guardinthena

    Issues with Lag

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I thought I would try here. Straight to the point, I have been having issues with lag in my game and I do not know what to do or how I can fix this issue. I believe it is caused by plugins. I have come to this conclusion because I have opened a new...
  10. jkweath

    RMMZ Lag spikes with passive state conditions (Visustella Skills States Core)

    I tried asking this in the notetag help thread but didn't have any luck: So I set up an equipment piece with a Passive state with a passive condition: <JS Passive Condition> if (user.hp / user.mhp >= 0.9) { condition = true; } else { condition = false; } </JS Passive Condition> So this...
  11. TheGameAfter

    Performance | Preload - Resources (TGA)

    Hey Game Maker, I hope you doing well. Today I'm going to add a very important plugin list, the topic is about 'Performance'! when you starting to add more files/plugins to your game you might come across a bit of 'lag' in-game or maybe just when opening/closing menu, In battle, or any other...
  12. ectorkid

    Sudden Lag Spike?

    Hi all, I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on what's going on in my game that's causing a huge lag spike. First of all, my game usually runs smoothly and completely fine without issue. For some reason, this event causes the game to dip all the way down to 7 fps, to the point where...
  13. Chef

    30 FPS & High Input Latency Checklist (1.6.1 update)

    I posted this a few days ago on this thread: "For people coming here after the v1.6.1 update: it's most probably the sound. MV runs at 60fps but when it needs to load a song on the memory that...
  14. xlostlightx

    RMMV Playtest Lag?

    Hello! When I playtest my game on any map, with or without events on it, it works fine then begins to lag drastically after ~10 seconds. The memory usage is low in task manager, and I tried all of the solutions provided here...
  15. SrOscuro

    Help Scripting Menus, Window_Base.update, lag & fps loss issues

    Hi, I'am trying to implement my own custom menus and now scripting some windows. After looking at some examples and tutorials what i do is create a Game_Window instance, and play with .update() to refresh my window. My_Window.prototype.update = function() {...
  16. Akrib

    Cache and garbage collection

    Hello everyone, I've searched almost everywhere but couldn't find any deeper explanations on the function of the cache and garbage collection of the rpgmaker (mv). I am currently working on a project which relies heavily on the use of parallaxes and overly images. Because of this it is very...
  17. wltr3565

    FPS drops to under 5 when too much animated Sprites use .setBlendColor

    I use a lot of custom scripts for my team's project. While there are many good improvements in this latest version, 1.6.0, other things have become worse. The Scene_Battle of my team's project has both the Actors and Enemies all animated with a lot of sprite sheets and all. When more than 1 of...
  18. Cosmic Architect

    Mitigating large map lag

    (I thought this would have been asked before, so I did try to search for it, but I didn't find a discussion on this. If I'm wrong, please link me to the post and feel free to delete this thread, thank you. '^^) I have a rather large map in my game(a town) that is often accessed by the player to...
  19. Pine Towers

    "Clutter" tileset as events?

    I've been tinkering with tilesets and thought of transforming 1 tile objects like crates or bushes or signs into charsets to be deployed by events, freeing space for more tiles in the restrictive tiny sized tileset. Would this impact the performance by having several objects that don't move...

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