1. darthbirdy3

    Move Routes Get Choppy

    I have an event at the highest frequency and normal speed. If I were to set a move route that ONLY had a single "move towards player" on repeat it would run perfectly fine and look smooth. However, in between every step toward the player I added script commands to change its speed at a certain...
  2. Mercedes90

    Should I reduce the main map size from 256x256?

    The main map of the game I'm making, which is the exterior city, is at a maximum size of 256x256. As I was test-playing my game today, I started to notice that it's going smooth at first, then after a few seconds the FPS drops slightly more and more, and after 1 minute into testing, there's an...
  3. Editor Lag (Regional Language issue?)

    Hi, I have been making a game on this for the past year, and it's all been done since the very start with a laggy editor, meaning it freezes on every event, or when calling any sort of database. I can guarantee it isn't a hardware problem, an OpenGL problem, a tileset-size problem, or a driver...
  4. Vis_Mage

    Animation Lag on Mobile

    Hey there, A quick question, to those whom have deployed games on Mobile (Android in particular, in my case), have you been able to find a way to deal with the heavy lag spike that comes while using animations in battle? I'm using a decently powerful phone (Samsung Galaxy A71, which has 8gb...
  5. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV [SOLVED] Too many events causing game lag, or am I bad at eventing?

    I honestly don't know where to post this, but in general I'm fairly new to javascript and the rmmv engine. I've been using gradient images under the character folder & prefix to add lighting and shading for things like lanterns, non-animated stuff such as tree/large object bloom effects, and...
  6. Guardinthena

    Issues with Lag

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I thought I would try here. Straight to the point, I have been having issues with lag in my game and I do not know what to do or how I can fix this issue. I believe it is caused by plugins. I have come to this conclusion because I have opened a new...
  7. [RMMV] Lag/Slowdowns Huge Issues

    Hello there. My apologies for having two threads of mine opened. I did a lot of research for this issue, but none of the solutions I read is working. I had fun in the last month of using RPG Maker MV and now I completed some sort of Demo of my game, that lasts around 30 minutes. When doing...
  8. TheDrifter

    Reduce lag from YEP_X_LimitedSkillUses ?

    Just found out that YEP_X_LimitedSkillUses and YEP_X_SkillCooldowns cause a very noticeable amount of lag on project startup and items used on the field. I don't really use YEP_X_SkillCooldowns, but I found out it suffers from similar problems as YEP_X_LimitedSkillUses. Whenever I start my...
  9. chyj4747

    Create two tilemaps and render both in screen make game lag

    Edit: Problem found, check Post #9, but still not solved. Edit: Solved. See Post #10 ----------------------------------------------------- I'm new to rpg maker, using mv now. I'm making a game in pokemon style, the first problem is that rmmv does not support rendering multiple maps. In pokemon...
  10. Vis_Mage

    Irina's Collectible Card Game Plugin - Reduce Pictures Shown

    Hey, I'l hoping someone could help me with a (presumably) small tweak to Irina's Collectible Card Game plugin. https://atelieririna.itch.io/collectible-card-game I hope this is the right place for this. It is a paid plugin, but her terms state that the plugin can be edited. The plugin...
  11. Help with Pathfinding

    Hey everyone, I'm having a heck of a time with the AI of my enemies. I have a simple ARPG format, and I want the enemies to follow the player to attack. This works mediocre at best with "move towards player" from movement route. I have the smartPath plugin AND Galvs Event Detectors, they both us...
  12. Netherware Entertainment

    Experiencing lag problems

    Hi, I'm using a new PC with the next specs: Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory 8 GB Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz Motherboard ASRock - Q1900M Video Cards Intel(R) HD Graphics...
  13. alcreator440

    YEP Auto Passive State & Passive Auras Lag

    Has anyone encountered this problem and/or a fix to it? Yanfly said in his recent version(1.17) that he optimized it but I don't see how since the lag is just as bad as the previous version. I'd be willing to pay someone a commission to fix this issue if they can.
  14. [RPMMV] Low and dropping framerate on Dell XPS 15

    Hey there, I've tried a lot of potential solutions and the problem still exists so I'm hoping to get some help here. :) I had an old MSI laptop that used to run RPG Maker MV 1.61 perfectly. Playtests would run at 60fps and Deployment too. However the laptop itself was becoming unreliable, it...
  15. Gabenslair

    How can I minimize Yanfly's Battle Engine Core's Buffer/Delay (MV)

    Good day period. Ever since I first tried it, I have always had an aversion to Yanfly's MV Battle Engine Core due to the buffer that it gives me. Whenever a person goes to initiate a skill, it has this 1-2 second buffer before it actually initiates the animation and effect. Compare it to...
  16. TheUnsaid

    RPG Maker MV WebGL slower than canvas

    My project runs in the test engine with webGL just fine. When I deploy however, the projects decides to run in Canvas. If I force webGL for the deployed version however, it lags like an insane thing. It looks terrible and webGL should be GPU accelerated. It makes no sense to me. I have a...
  17. eadgear

    Help with Lag Issue

    This is my very first game, so I don't have that much of knowledge when it comes to technical issue. I added lots of event in a particular map. Whenever I run the game I have no issue with lag. My question is if ever I publish the game will it lag?
  18. ts50

    Anti-lag (RMXP)

    My RPG maker XP game has been running into some definite lag. Does anyone have a script for XP that is designed to reduce lag? I know they exist for VX Ace...
  19. Lucas7eixeira

    tint+weather effect issues (solved)

    Hi everyone and thx in advance for anyone who try to help me! :) So im developing a game with a time/weather/season system and i need a common event to : 1º - See if im on a external or internal map, if im at internal it stops every tint/weather effects, if not it does the next steps. 2º - Tint...
  20. Narch

    Yanfly Event Spawner: Performance Bloat after several uses

    Background: I'm developing a game since a lot of months. I was previously using Galv Event Spawner when Yanfly did not have its own. I encountered performances problems after hundred of spawns with the Galv plugin, slowing my developement last year. I switched to YEP Event Spawner when it got...

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