1. MakoTorii

    Lag on Laptop Battery Usage

    I'm currently using a laptop to use MV and I noticed that I lag during playtesting when I use my battery as power. I tried setting my power option to "High Performance" but the lag remains and leaves me at about 30FPS. From there, I checked with all the other power options and it stays that way...
  2. McTone

    Lag from animated tiles

    So I have a map that has a fair amount of water in it (it's 25x25 and about half is animated water tiles), and it has some ungodly lag. I'm 99% certain this is caused by the animated tiles because I swapped them out for stationary tiles and it fixed it no problem. I'm just wondering if there is...
  3. TheTitan99

    Combat lagging from many different things. (Starting, Skill vfx, ect.)

    One of my biggest problems with VX Ace was lag issues. I'm in my free trial of MV, and would like to be able to buy it, as it can do a lot of complicated things. However, if it fails on a basic level, then those complex things are rather irrelevant. First, lag upon start up of combat. It lags...
  4. Tuomo L

    Extreme slowdowns at Yanfly save menu

    Hello, my game runs pretty great 60fps at all times however during going to Yanfly's save menu it begins to lag immensly and sometimes freezes up for several seconds in between saving and loading. This has been tested and happens on two gaming rigs, both easily meeting RPG Maker VX Ace's...
  5. Looping Lag help

    Every time that I run a parallel event with a loop in it when the loop comes around, the game lags, and usually doesn't even restart the loop.  I'm currently just trying to loop two npcs basically just moving back and forth.  very simple.  but can't make the game not lag any help would be...
  6. KNolascute

    [Ace] Multiple PP problem, what's the efficient way??

    *Shows again....*  :blink: Hello and thank you for reading this topic! I made a game which looks like a house-chore/maid game. The player needs to clean the furnishes around the room. I want to make the items or the furnishes inside the room to be randomly get dirtied overtime and i don't...
  7. Joronjo

    Double animations in battle + a lot of lag

    I've been experiencing a problem after installing scripts, primarily with lag in the battle scene. Something else i noticed was that animations have been playing twice when i attack, i assume both of these problems are related. Here are the scripts i'm using (the ones tagged with # are off)...
  8. Game Stutter

    I have a lag/stutter problem when playing games.  My specs are: -780ti asus -asus 1155 mobo -i7 -16gb at 2400mhz (I believe) any ideas? :/ maybe issues with the graphics card or ram? should have gone with more common hardware.
  9. _Shadow_

    [Sharing Solved Issue ] Graphics performance issue (blurry scrolling) on VX ACE

    Are you a person that has VX Ace and map scrolling has a jitter, like blurry graphics instead of smooth that makes the game look like trash? Do not worry. It's not VX Ace. It's the AMD CPU you use. It seems AMD CPUs have some performance issues, when it comes to RPG Maker. So what you...
  10. TheoAllen

    Theo - Insane Anti Lag (Version 1.1 added page check enhancer!)

    Theo - Insane Anti Lag For those who insane enough to put a lot of events on map Version : 1.1   Introduction : As most of you already know, lag is common problem in RPG Maker games. You may think it was because you have many events on map. And so, to avoid lag, you split your map into part and...
  11. [ACE] Delete Yanfly battle log entries when it gets too full?

    Referring to https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Battle/Combat_Log_Display.rb there is a pause when loading the combat log during battle, and I suspect that there's a possibility that checking it after a very long battle or when there is already a lot of memory being used could cause...
  12. ♥SOURCE♥

    Ace: Does lag hinders creativity and potential for great games?

    I was trying to make a nice city, with lots of people and therefore lots of events (100/200) to convey the feeling of dynamism and to make it look/feel more alive, and I found that the game lags heavily.   I realized that RPG Maker Ace's performance is severely limiting the creativity, the...
  13. Rukiri

    Input animation lag?

    Hey everyone! I've just noticed recently, maybe because I got a new 4K monitor^^  that the actor has input animation lag, it seems every key press you'd see the player going into it's walk cycle.   If I press "Down" once, the player moves but no animation, press "Down" again and I see the actor...
  14. xSparkZx

    Lag in develop of game

    Hello, I'm developing a game, and i made a map with the size of 25 Width en 50 Height. http://gyazo.com/2335b96464023e1c6c152958142913f1 http://gyazo.com/1d53c019bb218e1b8bc3221d089cf57e (Those are the images of the map where it's lagging) It's only on one map where it lags and it's outside...
  15. Game maker slowdown

    Ok so I have googled this and searched the forums here, but I cant seem to find an answer to my issue! When I start RPGMvxace it loads at a reasonable speed of about a half second, but the moment i go to enter any information, or open the database, etc, I get a freeze / slowdown so intense it...
  16. Keegan988

    Playtest lag

    Hey guys i got this program 1-2 days and so far i am loving it :) . When i first got it i created a test to start learning about how to program works and see what problems i might encounter and how to fix it. but today i decided I am gonna scrap the test one and start the official first game so...
  17. Help with lag after battle? And long load screen?

    Hey guys. Im trying to get my game started. but there is a long lag at the beginning before it can get to the starting menu. t's tolerable, but quite annoying. everything else runs smoothly until you are in combat. i am using a side view battle system. After the battle is the only time it lags...
  18. kerbonklin

    Animated HP/MP Gauge script causing lag.

    So the script OC ANIMATED GAUGES (Ace) has been known in my previous thread, in another section, to cause me massive amounts of lag in my project. It caps my FPS to 30 in battles and makes it fall less than that, instead of keeping it the default 60 FPS. (actual FPS 50-60)  This script is 100%...
  19. Nosleinad

    Lag in RMVXAce - how to deal

    Hello,   So i am investing some time in my project that uses 640x480 res, HF graphics and a lot of scripts (90+) working without any bugs.   I am also using an anti lag script, but even with this i am noticing some lag while the character walks even in medium sized maps, and without any fog or...
  20. TecNoir

    RPG Ace extreme Steam lag

         So I haven't been using RPG Ace in awhile now. I purchased it on Steam. So today I tried to use it again and it crashed my computer. It lagged so bad I had to just shut my computer down. I eventually did get it up, after I turned my computer back on. I can't have this happening every time I...

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