1. Editor Lag (Regional Language issue?)

    Hi, I have been making a game on this for the past year, and it's all been done since the very start with a laggy editor, meaning it freezes on every event, or when calling any sort of database. I can guarantee it isn't a hardware problem, an OpenGL problem, a tileset-size problem, or a driver...
  2. ElCheffe

    Using language/dialects for a better character presentation

    I am currently trying to optimize the dialogue in my chapter 0 and came upon a, probably typical, non-native speaker problem. If I would be using my native tongue I could easily differentiate the characters speach by giving them a special accent, like have one character using words that are more...
  3. TijerinArt

    Set images according to language; work?

    Hi, if I have two images I'm supposed to be able to show one or the other depending on the selected language, but how can I do that? The languages I have are spanish (exampleimage_es.jpg) and english (exampleimage_en.jpg) but when I play the game the image doesn't change. Does it really work...
  4. [MV + MZ] In-game editor plugin

    Hello, everyone. We're a lot to find the RPG Maker program very useful, but hard to manage, mainly because the program doesn't include any means to fix a bug with the game currently played. Also, if the notetags allow to extend parametrization of the database, it is very complex to verify if...
  5. CuddleFox

    What language was VX Ace programmed in?

    Everything's in the title. When I search on google, I find a lot of topics that talk about ruby but none of them know in which language the RPG Maker VX Ace software has been programmed?
  6. goldrat1

    Changing term names/skill names/ language in the middle of a boss fight

    I'm trying to make a boss fight at the moment, and I had the idea that once you get 50% the way into the fight or something, for a few turns all skill names, item names, etc. get translated into Japanese (e.g 'Attack' becomes '攻撃'), so the player is forced to try and remember where their...
  7. Custom Rpg Maker Mv editor language

    Hi there. I'd like to create a custom language for the RPGMV, ( Hungarian). The question, where i find the main language files, what need to overwrite.(standalone version). Thanks in advance if somebody could to help me ^^
  8. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    Detect which language of MV is being used by the plugin user

    Hello everyone, I think this questions was already asked for someone. Well, I'm guessing. I tried searching for it, but I couldn't find anything. I don't know how to determine which language the final user of my plugins is using its RPG Maker MV. I want to know that so I can display some...
  9. ovate

    Translation Posts Rule for Forum Rules

    Hello, are other spoken languages allowed as long English translation is included in the same post? If a forum poster isn't familiar with English language, should they be encouraged to use Google Translate and mentioned it's use? I recall a mod said something of the sort though I tried finding a...
  10. 573Games

    RMVXA Other Earths

    Other Earths Hey guys. :D For my second game, I wanted to make something really unique, even though I still have a lot to learn about RPG Maker, scripts, etc. So I'm using my real life experience as a foreign language teacher to make a game where you travel to another Earth that doesn't...
  11. JeriKnight

    MOGhunter's Chain Commands

    I really like MOGhunter's Chain Commands but its just pretty confusing. I have some problems that I really don't know how to fix. Firstly, My game is on 1280x720 and when setting parameters, I have X-axis of 400 and Y-axis of 0. So from what I've gathered, when the chain commands appear, it...
  12. Xuwboss

    Code language for porting games to other engines

    This probably isn't the right spot for it but i was wondering something. Say i had 100% original graphics(Since the RTP and DLC's can only be used in RPG Maker software) and wanted to expand my game so i can get my game console ready. What language would be suitable to do this? and does anyone...
  13. Non-English games

    I don't know if this is the best forum to post such a question, but I cannot see anything better. I was just wondering where one could find games made in languages other than English. Is there a collective space for such entries? While some like to practice their English, why should some of us...
  14. Benja

    SERVICE ConLanging for the building of a world [COMPLETELY FREE!]

    Worldbuilding A vital step in the creation of any game. Where does it take place? What is the environment? What is the culture like? Every great RPG indulges in the wonders of creating an immersive world, with fleshed out surroundings an rich history, but how about we take it a step further...
  15. Cheah Hsun Teik

    Javascript in rpgmaker mv?

    I thought Javascript must be used inside html's script tag,but why  rpgmaker mv doesn't have a script tag or any tag in the source code?
  16. KayZaman

    Say "Hello" in your language

    Easy. Say "Hello" in your language. Selamat sejahtera!
  17. GoodSelf

    In-Game Language Learning

    Hey all, so this is post should probably be in the Plugin Request forums, but since I'm not requesting anything, this will be more of a discussion on this mechanic, how it can be implemented (plugins, eventing), and how it can affect our RPG Maker Games. So late last night, I had this idea for...
  18. Myzel

    How to change MV Maker- Language in 1.2.0 ?

    We used to change the language with "Local" Files or the systemclock. My entire system runs in english, but MV , even after reinstalling, keeps the german language both for the MV program and its ingame word-handling. How do I change this to English in MV 1.2 , both for its system and existing...
  19. mvieira

    Multi - Language Plugin ( External File ) - RPG MAKER MV

    I have been trying for quite a while looking for a plugin or script to make a game multi-language.  I found some 2 but one was from rpgmaker ace - I am looking for MV. And the other didnt have a tutorial so I tried to understand but I have come to a dead end.  So if anyone knows a plugin or...
  20. Warpmind

    Constructed language

    So, I've been thinking a bit on this... Would you/what would make you consider constructing a new language for your game? I mean, if you have elves, Sindarin or Quenya might be a bit problematic for a commercial game (licenses et cetera), yet you might want to use some different language for...

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