1. IsFutureBright

    Get System Language

    Hey guys, how is it going? I'm currently using Enelvon's External Text script to load all my game texts. I currently changed a bit to support multilanguage so I can set which file to load and what not. My question is: is there any way to get the system language of the player's computer? If not...
  2. Zalerinian

    [RMMV] External Text

    External Text Please note that I have not worked on this plugin for two years, and currently have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in this plugin, I recommend looking for an alternative, I do recall others being made. What is it? External Text is a plugin...
  3. Shin Kitsune

    Changing the UI language?

    Hello! I just downloaded the engine. SO far so good, but I have an issue regarding the UI language. I'm pretty used to using RPG Maker in English, ever since I first stumbled upon Don Miguel's translation. I tend to develop my games in said language. I know RPG Maker has official multi...
  4. RPG Maker in Custom Endangered Language

    Hello newbie here, I'm hoping to make a game in RPG Maker XP but in an endangered language I speak. I know Under Tools --> Database --> "System" I can change many words like "item" and "equip" but how could I translate other parts of the game? For example "Save game".  Thanks!
  5. Right-to-Left Text?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to see if it's possible to translate games made in RPG Maker XP into Right-to-Left languages. I've had luck using DreaMaker to extract all of the text into one file (so I don't have to go back to each event to change the text directly in the editor). Right-to-Left...
  6. LunaGames

    Japanese Text Input (Solved)

    First off, since I have seen a number of users banned regarding Japanese inputs, I will say this now.  I bought this game legitemetly for the price of 49.99£ on Steam. I also paid for my RPG Maker VX a couple of years ago and I'm not a pirate.  I have searched the forums and cannot find a...
  7. DerTraveler

    Language File System

    Language File System v1.4.2 by DerTraveler Introduction This script enables you to load any of the game's text content from external files. This includes messages, choices, and any database text. With this script it is much easier to manage your in-game text content, since all of your...
  8. Meridianbot

    Bots Al Bhed

    This script allows you to give ur game a snd language which is similar to the language of the Al Bhed of FF-X and can be learned by the player. Don't know FF-10 or the Albeth language Script History + Releases What will come Usage Just use the following snippet in the message-box...
  9. Change Game language?

    Hi im new to this site and forum and i recently got RPG maker VX, and was making my game but whenever i am in combat the language has Chinese characters after the english name can someone help me?

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