large sprites

  1. Featherbrain

    Larger collision size for larger sprites/smaller tiles

    Looking for a plugin that allows setting larger hitbox sizes (e.g. 2 tiles by 3 tiles instead of default 1x1 tile, etc) especially for the player, but also events and vehicles if possible. The intent is to allow the use of smaller tile sizes (e.g. 12x12 or 24x24) in lieu of pixel movement. The...
  2. Featherbrain

    Large/long sprites: follower distance too close

    I'm making a project with non-human dinosaur characters and to achieve realistic proportions I would like to use longer and/or larger sprites (e.g. 96 x 48 or 96 x 96) for many of the characters, including the main party. However, the immediate problem I'm running into with larger characters is...
  3. LakituAl

    Sideview Enemy Sprite misbehaves quite a bit.

    I made a set of sprite sketches today for an animated sideview enemy, but somehow it refuses to behave properly no matter what I do. I made a new project with only the one asset and necessary plugins but it still refuses to work. Here's my plugins: When Sideview Battler is placed above...
  4. Lets Build Diabo Styled game in MV. Large (PV) Sprites, Pixel Movement and ABS.

    Hi guys, I've decided I'll build a complete tutorial on building a game using sprites bigger than the 48 * 48 standard, add pixel movement and generally do it over a series. Here in Part 1 we'll be dealing with basic set up, arranging and getting the game prepared along with building the...
  5. Dachimotsu

    So, I've been gone for five months. Was the star-passability bug ever fixed?

    So, about five months ago, my previous laptop began degrading rather quickly, and about one month ago, it died completely. During that time, I was unable to work on my game. So, naturally, I stopped following all of the MV stuff, except for watching some of Yanfly's vids on her Youtube channel...
  6. fimamati

    walking through moving large event

    I hope this is in the correct spot. I'm not sure of how to word my problem. I have a car event that takes up three 48 tiles width.  The event is same as character. The car moves from point a to b. My problem is my character can walk through the front and back of the car.  I...
  7. captainproton

    larger actor battlers?

    I couldn't find this topic posted here or elsewhere, so here we go. As the title suggests, I was wondering if there was a way to create larger actor sprites for battle. I've seen Holder's battlers, and I've seen Mack sprites on maps, if not in battle, but I was hoping to have actor battlers...

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