1. Laser puzzle help

    So I'm making a game with various puzzle elements in the dungeons. A lot of these have worked out fine, but there's one in particular where I'm just not sure how to go about it: a laser puzzle. What the plan is: - Laser is produced by an autorun event - When the laser hits a mirror, it changes...
  2. Lance of Longinus

    Lasers/Drawing a line from battler to monster?

    Is there any kind of plugin that would allow the possibility of making a colored line go from a player character to a monster in battle? Does any kind of tutorial dealing with drawing lines exist? Or what kind of stuff with javascript would I need to know to do that? (I'm trying to get lasers...
  3. Cascha

    How to maker a Laser in MV?

    I want to make a laser gunbut i have no idea how. I think i could figure out how to make a Laser shot but i dont know how to make a laser Beam and i want to create a feature to move a box in front of the Beam to cut it of. You can see it in the picture. Have someone of you any ideas?
  4. EliteFerrex

    Beam and Sword Animations Assets!

    My brother Kaz put together some great animations assets for RPG Maker MV! Feel free to use these in your projects (free or commercialized), but provide credit to Ryugi Kazamaru! (Also, maybe send him a nice "Thank you!" on Skype, under the same name!) The list so far: Energy...
  5. fitsbach

    [UPDATED: April 11th 2017] The Sci-Fi Hangar| New Crate

    Hi guys, welcome to my first thread! I'm new to Pixel Art, and I'm trying to deliver some Sci-Fi items to the enthusiasts of the genre. Unfortunately I'm not active as I used to/would love to but I'm taking requests. Since I started this thread in 2016 I received a lot of messages and...

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