1. RPG Maker MV won’t launch

    Hello, Im new to RPG Maker and I just got a free trial. My laptop is a MacOS running parallel and it only shows loading… and then stops. It won’t open and I don’t have the slightest idea why. I will attach a 2 images of the loading and after loading
  2. FishStickMystic

    [MV] Cannot Re-open After Closing

    Hello, everyone! I am back after a while with an... issue. :( I can launch RPG Maker MV through Steam fine, at first, but if I were to close it and try to re-launch it... nothing. Steam's "Preparing to launch RPG Maker MV..." messsage appears, but that's about it--no splash screen, no taskbar...
  3. Golden Fish Entertainment

    VoltAge: Genesis

    VoltAge:Genesis ver.1 is out now! Available for $1 US; supporters on ******* (see link in the signature) will receive a download code for the game. "Journeys begin and end; the story does not." -Old...
  4. NVIDIA GeForce GT640 Crashing on Splash

    As the title states, it crashes on launch.  I get exception code 0xc0000005.  I did the full driver update and a rollback on my video card, I also checked my WMI and manually replaced the opengl32.dll.  Nothing worked. While I was looking around, I noticed other people with the same video...

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