1. Ellie Jane

    Animation above Picture

    Hi, I am trying to edit the default scripts to make battle animations on map "always on top". I tried editing the z value from 8 to 999 - this hasn't worked. Other than that I'm not sure how to control them. Is there any way to make battle animations appear above pictures? (Ideally, I...
  2. Scrumplet

    Layer Mapping Trouble - (Galv)

    Hey everyone!  So I'm stuck on another issue, and nothing I've tried has worked so far, so I am in search of knowledge and assistance! I'm using Galv's Layer Plugin to create a background for one of my areas. It's basically a cloud level where you can see the world below. The problem is...
  3. Where is the layers option like the other rpg Makers?

    im creating a map for a test but for example i have a wall and want to put something on top of the wall. this use to be called layers in the other rpg makers. does this not have one? 
  4. Parallax Panda

    Parallax Performance and Grid sizes

    Hello, Some questions here regarding parallax mapping, changing default grid size and performance. Since I ask these questions in relation to each other I post them all in the same thread. Q.1 Is it possible to use more than one parallax background at the same time at this present moment (I...
  5. Kes

    Show picture on different layers

    I have discovered that MV handles pictures in a different way from that of Ace, where the picture could be shown beneath weather just using the 'Show Picture' command.  There are many other circumstances where one would need to be able to specify which layer(s) a picture should be shown above or...
  6. Philsco

    Map I missing something here?

    I haven't used RPG Maker series in years, and I really, /really/ miss those different editing layers!  Hoo, boy...  But, nothing can be done about that... Still, I feel like I'm doing something "wrong," or missing a trick here.  When I'm selecting a tile from the "B" or "C" tab, and I lay it...
  7. Koor54

    Overlapping Issues

    Alright so I'm trying to put a ship into the Sample map, Port Town. I've gotten the Tile set for the ship and put together the outline of the ship...but for the mast, sails, etc the transparency background doesn't work correctly. Here is what I mean...
  8. nio kasgami

    Forcing layer graphics via Hash

    Hi I work on a title screen and I wanted to know how I can exemple making  "Layers" in my title screen  In simple I want to offer to people to having a unlimeted amount of picture he can dispose in title screen the configuration I want to make is like this  Layers = {# layer number => [...
  9. sebesmos

    Walls suddenly below character?

    I recently built a map and had it set up how I wanted it. I tested it out and made sure to check in my database that all objects I wanted to be impassable were marked with an x. Now, after I've added a few events, my character can suddenly walk on the walls (as well as my randomly moving NPC's)...
  10. Stedar

    Graphics error, even with default tilesets

    I have a rather strange issue that I have not heard anyone else discuss even after searching for quite a while about it. Whenever I am mapping, using the grass, (whether it's the default tilesets or not) and putting other objects on top of the grass tiles, I get this strange white outline on...

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