1. Isabella Ava

    Guys Please HELP T.T

    Hi there, i need help with scripts to change party leader (#1 member in party) 's walking graphic into the same walking graphic as another event/current event, plz Thanks guys @.@
  2. WickedHardcorg

    Easy Party Leader Change Button?

    Hello game makers! I'm actually finishing up a game this week and one of the final touches is adding some way to easily change your party leader with the press of a button! It's a basic horror puzzle type game but one of the key elements is having to interact with things with both party...
  3. PhoenixX92

    Switch triggering upon swapping party leaders

    So, I'm trying to figure out how to trigger a switch when swapping the party leader in and out. Say I have actor 1, actor 2, switch 1, and switch 2... How would I go about turning switch 1 on when actor 1 is party leader, then it turning off and switch 2 turning on when I swap to actor 2? I...
  4. MeowFace

    Party Movement Controller

    Made this script for a request here. Sharing this here since this seems to have quite the demand. Introduction: This script covers the Party Leader/Followers movement/balloon icon/animation that can't be done by eventing. Can easily set up cut-scene/story telling simply by moving the...
  5. Arisete™

    Leader Revive Snipplet

    I been trying several events/common events to try and make it so if the party leader dies during battle, he/she is revived with 1 HP when the battle is over. I only want the LEADER to get revived, the other members remain dead but can be revived with Items. I tried Yanfly's Death Events and it...
  6. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Sprain state disabling dashing only if party leader has it

    Greetings, I have this Sprain state that makes it unable for the player to dash or run if one of the party members has it. However, I want to disable dashing only when it's the party leader who has it. I still want to be able to dash if I switch him out with another party member who isn't...

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