league of legends

  1. Lerralith


    LINK DELETED If you like his content. Please stick with us! What games u love to play?
  2. roiaa

    2D Art dump

    DJ Sona Fan art Feel free to message me.
  3. Project: Light

    Project: Light Dear community! I found out just recently that things liek RPG Maker exist and that it is open to everybody. So i took a little time and got the program and tried to do something I always wanted to do. A game. I really hope that I can go deeper into the complex way of...
  4. Silenity

    Made a couple of League of Legends sprites c:

    Riven<3 Darius
  5. Mahoken

    How do I make this formula work in the battle formula

    I'm trying to make this basic attack formula work, but it keeps inflicting an insane amount of damage instead. I have the formula like this in RPG maker: a.atk * (100 / 100 + b.def) If the user's ATK was 30, and the enemies defense was 20, the enemy would take 25 damage. 30 * (100 / 100 + 20)...

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