learn skill

  1. Learn skill isn't working

    I have this key item called Brown Hair Dye. The key item has the effect "Learn skill: Dyed hair" I use the item, but the "Dyed Hair" skill won't show up. I've made sure my character is in the soldier class which allows for special skills. So that isn't the problem. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. PhxFire

    How many skills is too many?

    So my game has 9 different elemental types and I would like to make 2-3 skills for the player to learn in the game plus a few non-elemental skills.... My question is, should I limit the amount of skills they can posses at 1 time? Should I allow them to learn as many skills as they can find? Some...
  3. catwizard69

    Turning on a switch (or variable) after learning a skill by leveling up a class, then turning it off

    I know this is probably a noob question, but I've been spending too much time on this and perhaps someone who actually knows what they're doing can help me much easier. Basically, I have a class system based heavily on subclasses. Each character has a primary class they cannot change, but can...
  4. Raystorm7

    YEP learnSkillSystem change skill cost dynamically

    Hello, I would like to change the cost of one skill dynamically, after that an event starts. How can I do this? I didn't see anything in the Lunatic Mode for do this, there is a JS command for this? Thanks! :)
  5. Moogle_X

    Equipment Learning

    Equipment Learning v1.23 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin allows actors to learn new skills by equipping certain weapons and armors. Each equipment now possess some innate skills that can be learned by any actors who equip it. Any skills that come from equipment require...
  6. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] Mog's Monogatari Menu System - Yanfly Learn Skill System - Compatibility

    Hello again! I'm here this time with concern regarding the Monogatari menu system by MOG ( beautiful ) and the Learn Skill system from Yanfly. I should start by saying that i was using Mog's Wallpaper EX script for my main character menu. It worked flawlessly with the Learn Skill script. I...
  7. Solo

    Use of items and "skill books" restricted by actor/class

    I like the idea of "Skill Books," (items with the "Learn Skill" effect) and was happy that they resurrected this feature for VX Ace. However... it's not quite the same as it was in 2K/3. You can use them on anyone, no matter what... even if the skill belongs to a skill category that the actor in...

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