1. StartTsu_

    RMMZ I would like to learn how to customize the UI manually

    I would like to be able to change the position and size of the menus in my game and now the buttons that are not selected have a background i'm thinking of removing this but I could not find the line that makes it
  2. TheDrifter

    YEP_SkillLearnSystem - Bypass class select OR Display JP left in skill price

    Hi, I'm using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and YEP_JobPoints Here is the main issue: The amount of JP you have left for a class is not displayed in the price window for learning a skill of that class. For example, let's say your character's current main class is Thief, with 500 JP left, and you want...
  3. Mr_Saltine

    Help with odd skill system

    I am trying to make a skill/magic system similar in function to the "Mana Eggs" from Grandia 2. My version are crystals. for example, equipping the Fire Crystal will only let you see, learn, and use Fire spells. if you unequip the fire crystal, the spells go with it. i can set the crystals to...
  4. Cuprite

    Yanfly Skill Learn System: Gradual JP Cost Increase

    Is there a way to make an actor's learnable skills cost more JP the more skills they learn? I got the idea from Octopath Traveller and it's something I'm thinking about adding to my game, as it adds a bit of freedom to the game. Is there a way to do this without editing the plugin itself? EDIT...
  5. ShapeshiftIdentity

    Seeking experienced RMMV maker to mentor me

    Firstly, I apologize if I am posting this thread on the wrong board! I am brand new to RPGMaker software, and I have decided to create a game using RMMV. I have solid ideas and a clear outline for a game that I want to create, with a pretty good idea of how things would conceptually work. The...
  6. Jonforum

    6 essential JS Game Dev Snippet for rmmv

    Some cool snippet we absolutely need to put in favorit, with great example. these basics codes allows you to manage mathematical basis movements in your game. Most essential and basic. Distance Check This one is obviously very important in any sort of game development. What I find myself using...
  7. vidiotdragon

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath + Learn Skills Integration Please

    I have The Victory Aftermath , Aftermath LevelUp ( http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/16/yep-59-aftermath-level-up/ ) and also using Learn Skill System ( http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/14/yep-28-skill-learn-system/ ) I would really really like the aftermath to show what skills are now learn-able for each...
  8. Learn skill condition JS code help please

    Hello. I'm using yanfly's skill learn core. I have a skill that I don't want available for learning to the class, unless a specific weapon is equipped. <Learn Require Eval> value = false; var wpn = $game_actorId(this).weaponId().value; if (wpn === 7) value = true; </Learn Require Eval> I...
  9. adder

    Yanfly's Skill Learn System

    Hello, Im new to this forum, so Im not sure if this is the right section, but here it is... Im using Yanfly's Skill Learn System but since I have a huge amount of skills to learn, Id like to be able to 'hide' already learnt skills, instead of them staying on the list labeled as learnt. I...
  10. SEK

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3 By SEK Introduction Counts uses of skills and attacks and adds a bonus damage formula. You can also learn skills after using x times a skill or a weapon. Features - You can see how many times an actor uses a skill, save the counter to a variable and...
  11. Akariu

    Movie Resize and Remap for Skilllearning from Books

    Hi everyone! I'm not really sure if it belongs here...it is kinda like a request...but more a question about, if it is even possible to make^^ So.... I use the Skill Learn System from Yanfly and wanted some skills accessable when you read a specific book. BUT...I wanted to make it...
  12. firestalker

    Yanfly's Skill Learn Addon.... please

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but I was wondering if there can be an addon to Yanfly's Skill Learn System where you don't ahve the Skill immediately at the start of the game, you have to find items or special people teach you about them.  But they only teach you ABOUT them....  not teaching the...
  13. lixerman99

    Cannot learn or forget skills whilst in battle using common events

    Hi, Using the RPG MAKER MV trial and having a blast. Have been planning to buy this game for a while now, but for now still using the trial. There is no difference except for the time limit as far as i'm aware? Anyway, I've been making a game and have developed a sort of ammo system using...
  14. Simple Fog Event Tutorial for RPG Maker VXAce

    When I first tried RPG Maker VXAce, I could not help but to wonder why there was no options for fog in the events like in RPG Maker XP. This is a simple tutorial to show how you can create fog for your maps using RPG Maker VXAce. Lets get started. You will need two things. 1.) A fog graphic...

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