1. Can you sell your game with the pre-made resources of rpg maker?

    Just the title; can you sell your game with the pre-made resources of rpg maker? Or you have to do your on tilesets and stuff? And if i want to make a free game i can use all the resources of rpg maker??? Sorry for my bad english D: thanks for taking your time to read this :3
  2. Dreadshadow

    [VX ACE] Exporting to other platforms. Is it possible under VX Ace AND RTP Terms?

    I have spotted some games made for other platforms than PCs. I also replied to a thread that made me think of some questions. Since this topic deserves its own thread, and since I don't wanna hijack another just to get an answer, here I go! A] Is there an 100% LEGAL way to export a game as a...
  3. Ink-Dragon

    Legality of editing sprites?

    Is it legal for someone who doesn't own the RPG maker to edit sprites from it for others to use? A family member of mine is much better than me at sprite-art, but doesn't own the RPG maker themselves, so we're not sure if they would be allowed to edit the rtp sprites for me to use.
  4. Dreadshadow

    [LEGAL STUFF] From the past

    Saw another thread but did'n hijacked, tempting though, so here I am, making a new thread. I know which RPG Maker edition is illegal and which is legal. After all, it's easy to spot them since the legal ones cost some money and can be bought from well known places like the official online shop...
  5. What music is allowed

    Hey, I'm trying to choose a song for the credits of my game, and I chose "Warriors" froom Imagine Dragons. . But now I'm not sure wether it's even legal for me to use this, the game is a free game, and as far as I understood the things I read it should be ok as long as I credit them. I hope you...
  6. Solo

    Legal status of hymns

    Hello, I recorded myself playing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" on my keyboard and was wondering if this is okay to use in my game. Is this hymn in the public domain? If not, is there any place I can go to see a list of hymns (and perhaps other "folk songs") that are in the public domain, possibly...
  7. Sindaine

    What are the legalities behind this idea?

    Hi there all, Just wondering what the legalities in regards to copyrights that I would have to watch for if I use items from known characters in other media. So example, Captain America's Shield, or Thor's Hammer as usable items. Would I have to change the names of the items? The idea was more...
  8. Rcj8993

    Doom/Doom II Heavy Metal Cover tracks

    Doom and Doom II metalized Music Tracks in .ogg format for use with RPG Maker VX Ace (that's the one I used to test this, might work on the rest if they support .ogg formats) This is a compilation with rock/metal remixes of doom's original songs composed by many community artists. This music...
  9. zero50

    Some questions regarding legality!

    Hello, I hope this post is in the correct place! I have some questions about the legal issues of a commercial game. 1.You have the rights to character sprites made with the generator of VX Ace and can use them in commercial games. Correct? 2.Can you use art from previous RPG Makers if you...
  10. Futuristic 'Extra' tiles, legal Question

    Ok so in the futuristic Tiles Pack I bought from steam, there is a folder marked 'Extra' and it has materials for 'parallax mapping' and the read me says: These are not to be used as an event, or imported as a tileset. Now it doesn't say it is restricted to do that, just that they are not to...
  11. Pluto

    RPG Maker 2003 on KickStarter ?

    Hello everyone! I have been working on a fully customized game on RPG Maker 2003 since the month of June. I considered to KickStart my project (to come out as a freeware) and I am worried about the legal issues of being funded for a game made with an unlicensed program.    After seeing the...
  12. Using Samples

    Hi, I have already released a couple of commercial games using other engines, but now with this engine. And i was wondering, the sprites, maps, tilesets etc. that come with RPGMAKERVXACE, am I free to use those in my commercial game or not? Thanks
  13. Legal Use of Music

    I am developing a game I don't intend to sell or profit from. I have legally purchased music, mostly soundtracks from other games. Can I use legally purchased music in my games if I don't profit from it in my game?
  14. batch

    VX Ace graphics to Minecraft texture pack...can I do it?

    Before I begin, sorry if this is the wrong forum entirely for this kind of question. Since last night, I've been creating a Minecraft-compatible texture pack from RPG Maker VX graphics (icons, tiles, characters etc). The problem is, I've been wondering just how legal it would be to upload it...

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