1. Myers & Sparks


    Hey all! Ran into an interesting snag in development. I am using YEP Absorption barrier, together with LETBS, while there were no major loss of function. The plugins operate together, to the extent that a barrier is still created, and said barrier will still mitigate damage. However, when...
  2. Frostorm

    RMMV Blades of Twilight [Tactical RPG]

    Here I will post all the info on my project thus far... Synopsis wip... Main Features Grid-based tactical RPG Seamless combat transitions On map battles (no side-view battlers) Environmental interactions (especially elemental effects) Small party size (3) so combat isn't a slog Highly...
  3. LeTBS find range between caster and target

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area. I am new to using forums. So what I am trying to do it make a skill for a ranged attack. The scope will be up to 6 spaces in a circle. Once a target is selected I want the distance between actor and target to be saved as a variable. Then my damage...
  4. LeTBS get active actor and enemy ID at turn start

    Dear rpgmakerweb-community, I'm using Lecode's LeTBS for my project, but I run into a big issue. For my whole project to function I need to get the current active actor id and when its an enemy turn the current active enemy id to be put into a variable at the start of a turn. I'm no programmer...
  5. "TypeError: undefined is not a function"

    Title says it all. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/414453383789805579/414460433727094784/unknown.png
  6. BillStBill

    LeTBS Problem

    Hi, I'm having some problems with the LeTBS plugin. Could anyone give me some insight into what is going wrong? TypeError: Cannot read property 'position' of undefined at Sprite_TBSEntityAnimation.updatePosition (LeTBS.js:867) at Sprite_TBSEntityAnimation.setup (LeTBS.js:863) at...
  7. DiscoInFEARNo

    Trying to get my battle system working but getting errors?

    Hey I'm working through trying to get certain mechanics working in my game, namely the LeTBS but I get this error? The screenshot shows the error I am getting along with the deveoper tools open, If anyone can help me make sense of this it would be greatly appreciated.

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