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  1. Hello! Nice to meet y’all!

    While I’m not new to RPG Maker games, its been a long time since I’ve been in the community. Recently, I’ve been thinking of doing a Youtube Channel where I play solely RPG Maker games. I‘ve wanted to do this for a while because I love this community and the work that goes into these games...
  2. Driftwood Gaming

    Driftwood Gaming

    Have you ever wanted to know how to easily implement dragon bones animations? How about becoming familiar with ABS battle systems? I have 300 RPG Maker MV tutorials about many of the amazing things the engine is capable of on my YouTube channel Driftwood Gaming. Come on over and join me for a...
  3. Tea++


    I don't know how I didn't notice this section before!!! :LZSjoy: Hi everyone, you may have seen me around the forums. My name is Tea and I LOVE RMMV!!! I have a YouTube channel that was mostly born from the incredible IGMC 2017 (What a great event, I'm soooo stoked for the next one!), I...
  4. Dutch Power Creations

    -DpC- Let's Play corner

    Hi there, I see lots and lots of requests from people asking for a review of their game because they need the opinion of other gamers/developers to evolve their game. Well, I want to give a bit back to the community that shaped my game to what it has become in the last year. Feel free to PM me...
  5. Zaen

    The First Lay of Eddais, Let's Make a Game Series by ZænSoft

    So, I'm three episodes into my game, and I'd really like it if you guys joined me. Looking for input and general interest.  I feel like these Let's Make series on YouTube offer a much more accurate presentation of what it's like to build a game, how to organize one, how to identify what you...
  6. TheGamedawg

    Hello everyone Gamedawg here and welcome back to Let's Play...

    I've been creating Let's Plays for 5+ years now, and recently I've dedicated my channel to playing quite a lot of RPG Maker games.   My channel! Here are some RPG Maker games that I've played.  I also take requests from devs to play their games, but my schedule is a bit busy.
  7. Danteus

    Durnathi Plays

    I have done other Let's Play videos in the past but ended up taking a break for a while and am just coming back now. I will slowly be making my way through the pinned request topic with no real timetable planned atm for the video releases. First game up is Evil Overlord:
  8. FlareBlitzed

    RPG Maker Horror Games | Flare's Let's Plays | YouTube Channel

    A very good day RPG Maker community, I have a Let's Play/Walkthrough YouTube Channel that consists of RPG Maker games specifically in the horror genre, the only exception to other genres of rpg games is when a developer has made a game that is within the same series as a game that they have past...
  9. ARMR

    ARMR Studios' Let's RolePlays

    Hail adventurers!   I do a series of LPs called Let's RolePlays where almost all characters are voiced by me and the Nameless Game Master. Sometimes even dice sounds are thrown into the mix, to give a Table Top RPG feel to the videos. Usually the Nameless Game Master comments and describes what...
  10. amaSenpai

    Let's Play: amaSenpai

    Hello there friends!, I have a small LP channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/amaSenpai I hope to enjoy as many RPG maker games as possible. The talent in the forums is just astounding! If you are interested in having your game played, with critiques and opinions on the story after...
  11. Zevia

    I want to stream! Where do I start?

    For those of you who are interested in joining the Let's Play community, but are a little overwhelmed with how to get started on streaming websites, what software to use, how to get it setup, and all that jazz, here's a guide you can follow step-by-step to get yourself up and on your feet. This...
  12. noelburgundy27

    Macky Plays - The Calimack Let's Plays

    THE CALIFORNIA MACKY   So I decided I'd go and begin Let's Plays of a few games. I'm still building banners and stuff, but yeah. I'll do let's Plays and Let's Reads. I'll post links to my channel once I have RPG Maker vids uploaded. I'll be making a few short episodes of some of the games in...
  13. B.Ultimus

    BrettUltimus Let's Plays

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my Let's Play Thread! Boy, you're looking svelt. I'm currently seeking your awesome vidya games that you guys have made to play and post on my channel. You can find my channel right here.  Why not give it a sub while you're there ;3 Please understand the...
  14. demonhead

    Playing Japanese Games with English Commentary

    Hello, I've been studying Japanese for 3 years. I'm around an intermediate level. I understand the majority of the story, and if I don't know a word I'll usually look it up. The first game Im playing is one of the VX ACE sample games.  http://tkool.jp/products/rpgvxace/samplegame.html...
  15. Clockwarkgate

    Looking for let's player; PLAY MY GAME

    Looking for "Lets Player" to play games that I've created. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: -do commentary of my game excluded complains on long cut scenes, auto text rolling, and music used. -foul language is fine! Too much mockery is not. -patience on the very long game play duration, LOL! -loves...
  16. Erika Fuzzbottom

    Erika's streaming RPGM games, again!

    Helloooooo, everyone! Welcome to... this (revived) topic! In case it's not obvious from the subforum you're in, I stream RPG Maker games, both full games and demos. In fact, they're a common occurance at my Twitch and Youtube channels (alongside indie games and Game Boy games). I play games...
  17. Keniisu

    Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community

     Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community  Would you want to do a video on Minecraft with me?    Well I've set up a server that I'm going to be playing with people on. I'm looking for someone who can do the following... ​Skype Chat Play Minecraft Make Commentary...
  18. Toaofgames

    Let's Plays by Toaofgames

    Hello everybody, and welcome to my Let's Play thread. I'm hoping to try out some RPG Maker games here for you and give some feedback on them. I accept both completed games and demos. First thing's first: I have actually never done this before, so I'm kind of a novice. But I have wanted to...
  19. defunct-user

    Iron Croc's Domain (LiveStream Center) - UNDER CONTRUCTION

    Welcome to Iron Croc's Domain.   ((TBE))
  20. starcrescendo

    *Crescendo's (Newbie) Let's Plays

      *crescendo Youtube Channel: Click here   Hi, I'm Chris, “Starcrescendo” (or “Star” for short), and I started a YouTube channel doing Let's Play videos of RPGM games. I’m opening this topic to showcase the videos I've done, to get feedback on how to improve, and also to get...

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