level design

  1. Nilom

    Merging Autotiles Issue [solved]

    Hello! I merged the A tilesets Outside_A2 and Inside_A2 together. I didn't change the size or anything. I just swapped some of the autotiles with the autotiles of the other set. But now I have a problem with the counter tilesets. When I change them to counter in the tileset database (diamond)...
  2. OceansDream

    Mapping Tips

    I asked some people about tips for making better maps. I also wrote some as well. Here you go! They are grouped by contributor. By Ocean’s Dream: -When mapping, keep the exits of the area clear. You want the players to know where they can leave the map instead of having it hidden by excessive...
  3. Rhino

    TRADE (Closed) Looking for Mapper/Level Designer!

    This game is currently in the early development stage. We'll be using default rtp maps to later be updated when a mapper joins the team. Engine: RPG Maker MV Disclaimer: This game has lgbt themes. Heir to the throne of Alundria, Princess Yvenne finds herself in a difficult position: does...
  4. Seerfree

    What is your process for designing maps/levels?

    I've been having trouble designing levels for my game, as I simply don't know where to start and it can be quite overwhelming (my game is based entirely on puzzles and interacting with characters/the environment... Possibly not a good choice for the first game of someone like me, but the idea...
  5. LxCharon

    Favorite level design or mapping in a video game

    What video game has your favorite level design or maps? Is it the layered dungeons of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? Or do you the love the sprawling fields of Final Fantasy XV? Does the asymmetric levels of Overwatch tickle your fancy? Or the colorful, and puzzle heavy dungeons of Golden Sun...
  6. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 2 - Level Design

    Hello Game Design pupils. Today we're heading to the next leg of our journey. Level Design. A lot of people jump right into mapping when it comes to RPG Maker. This isn't always a bad thing, and people can create a long series of great maps with little design pre-planning. But the level...
  7. Random dungeons/levels

    Hi! I wanted to ask if it's possible to create random levels for missions, for example a mission that takes place in a deep forest, the level would always have the forest design, however it would have different structure, enemies and items everytime the player goes there, of course this would...
  8. Wind.Force

    Considering to sell my services for Game Designing

    I'm a graduate holder of Diploma in Game Design and I want to offer my services for a close 1 to individual/team in giving my opinions in terms of Game Design, Mechanics and etc. Why? I seen a lot of people wanting to make games in RPGMAKER - and very often, they ended up being not that fun...
  9. Titanhex

    "12bit: Towers of Conquest" Needs a level designer (Mapper)

    This has been a largely quiet project on the front. With some recent development and a few lucky breaks, I've been developing the game further. Synopsis Screenshots   Qualifications   The Level Designer must demonstrate understanding of a good level with narrow corridors. Must demonstrate...
  10. Umbral Mirage

    UM's Environments

    Recently I started experimenting with Photoshop and found a fairly quick way to make level layouts. That however is just an intro, the one place I fall really short as an artist is backgrounds. So I figure I'll go nuts with making some, gauge feedback to see if you folks like the style, then...
  11. Eschaton

    Tutorial Levels and New Game Plus: A Rant

    I've been playing Mass Effect 2 a few times (because it's just so damn fun).  When playing through the tutorial level, I got a little impatient with the hand-holding.  Particularly at the point in which Miranda and Jacob force you to put them into cover while "you take point" (when in fact...
  12. Tsukitsune

    Parallax Mapping Livestream Interest

    Hey guys, So I've been photoshopping for about 7 years I and found a way to use the knowledge I've learned over the years towards map making in RPG Maker.  So yeah, I parallax map, and I do something not alot do, and that is mix battlebacks into my maps.  I got inspired by Galv's Pirate rush...
  13. dragon1up

    Tales of , the story of a new journey

    Hello fellow RPG + fans of the wonderful  soft we all have access to. Do note this is my first ever time posting something on the forums. What I'll be ideally talking about with you guys is my own game, posting relevant content in regards to it. As well as links to the fb page, and the youtube...

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