level designer

  1. Lambosannn

    FREE Looking for other creators!

    Hello there fellow nerds, I'm here today looking for other like-minded individuals. I'm currently working on a video game in the RPG aspect something similar to, To The Moon by Freebird Games Synopsis: Deki's mind is slowly fading he doesn't have much time left on this earth. Suffering from...
  2. Forthright

    The Ember Series: A New Fire (UPDATED SCREENSHOTS)

    Hello RPG Maker forum ladies and gents! We just wanted to update you guys and let you know the latest on where our game The Ember Series: A New Fire currently is.  We have the Early Access page up on Steam, and there is a short demo of the game available there as well. We are still actively...
  3. Titanhex

    "12bit: Towers of Conquest" Needs a level designer (Mapper)

    This has been a largely quiet project on the front. With some recent development and a few lucky breaks, I've been developing the game further. Synopsis Screenshots   Qualifications   The Level Designer must demonstrate understanding of a good level with narrow corridors. Must demonstrate...
  4. ragnorak6608

    [Of Destiny and Fate] Recruiting members for work on ongoing project.

    I am currently looking for Artists for concept art and replace RTP Sprites and Enemies (I'm looking to more closely match the descriptions from my story) Composers for the game (includes themes, and ambience) Level Designer to better construct towns and dungeons. (I'm looking to add more...
  5. Pakki Sukibe

    Lucira: Moments from the Heart [Recruiting Team!]

    Lucira: Moments from the Heart A Kemono JRPG, Socialize Persona 4 Style!       What is Lucira: Moments from the Heart? Lucira is a JRPG style game with some dating sim elements, akin to the Persona series (specifically 3 and 4). It is a kemono game meaning that all the characters are furry (for...

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