level up animation

  1. LightninSoarer

    (RPG MAKER VXACE) Galv's Battlers, Remove Level up animation?

    Hello, I'm sorry if i didn't place this in the right thread since I'm literally new to this platform. I am currently using Galv's Animated Battler's but I want to remove the level up animation with the white beam surrounding the leveling up player but I don't know where in the script i do that...
  2. JWCSchroy

    Basic Level Up Animation / Text Using QABS

    Hello, everyone! This is my first post on the RPG Maker forums, so I hope I don't goof anything up too much. I have been using MV for roughly two weeks now, and I'm really enjoying myself. However, I have a boat load of questions that aren't easily answered via a Google / YouTube search. I'll...
  3. thalesgal

    LEVEL UP animation when lv up

    Hello! I would like some help to do a level up thing. I'm doing my RPG using action system. So when the player kill the enemie it increases it's EXP. The mensage that are available to use is too ordinary. I'm thinking in show an animation when the player level up. There is somenthing...

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