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  1. JWCSchroy

    Basic Level Up Animation / Text Using QABS

    Hello, everyone! This is my first post on the RPG Maker forums, so I hope I don't goof anything up too much. I have been using MV for roughly two weeks now, and I'm really enjoying myself. However, I have a boat load of questions that aren't easily answered via a Google / YouTube search. I'll...
  2. TruBeast

    PC assigns new abilities buffs from multiple choice

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is a simple thing but I am super new to RPG Maker so any help is greatly appreciated. I'm working on a concept in my game where as players level up the wi receive a non activatable ability but something which will give them a passive buff. I THINK if I fumble around a...
  3. Khaz

    [Solved] Recovery on level up

    Hello. I've been searching for a script for a while now that recovers your character HP and MP upon leveling up, however all I found were MV plugins really. I tried to see whether it was doable without scripting ( like via common events, but I couldn't really think of how to go about it, since...
  4. Level Up Problem

    Hi, I have been having some problem with my level up process, I would say. So what happened is that, whenever my actor level up (with Passive that temporarily adds physical attack to the actor on) during the end of the battle stage (Victory After Math), the temporary bonus attack always...
  5. Issue With Level Ups

    Alright, so first some background. The game I'm making has a level cap of 10, and level ups are gained exclusively through items called "level orbs" that essentially work like rare candies from the Pokémon series. The game is fuctionally a rogue-lite with a classic RPG style, so in order to make...
  6. Quanee

    Battle result request/help

    Hi, After few days of digging into Yanfly's Victory Aftermath and Moghunter's battle result plugins I came to conclusion that it's beyond me to set either of them the way I want. I have come close with Mog's one, but in order to do certain things I'd need to re-write some stuff which I sadly...
  7. Absolute Values for Exp/Levels

    Hi folks. I used to dabble a lot with old versions of RPG Maker back in the day, making a few things for myself but this is the first time I am getting serious. I've been working a lot on art but am setting that aside to start building the skeleton of the systems I want to be using. It's been...
  8. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Random stat earned during level up?

    Say that your character has 4 (insert stat here) to start with. And then when that character levels up, it has a chance of earning a stat gain of 1, 2, or 3, or have a chance of not earning any stat gain. So basically a random stat gain. You could be lucky and get a good roll and earn 3 (insert...
  9. Animebryan

    Play a Music Effect when a actor levels up

    Is there a way to play a music effect when an actor levels up? Because I looked through the 'System' tab where you can set music & sounds to play under different circumstances & there's no option to play music or a sound effects when an actor levels up.
  10. Nisshoku

    Fixed Stat Gains Upon Level Up

    So I checked the forums thinking that someone else would have asked the same question if they didn't know how to do it, but like the title says I was wondering if there was any way to make it so that characters receive a set amount of stats upon leveling up. For example every single level up...
  11. tale

    Level Up Sound Effect

    YME_LevelUpSe - Jan 14, 2016 Creator name: Yumineko Overview Plays a sound effect when level up Features - Sound effect is played when level up where the text is displayed. (battle included) - Short code length. Put the name of the sound file as a value for "SE Name" parameter. Note: For a...
  12. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Actors Core

    ICF-Soft Actors Core - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction This plugin gives level up actions and conditional subtraits to actors. Features Level up common events and javascript code. Level and custom condition based subtraits. How to Use It needs ICF-Soft Main Utility to work. It...
  13. thalesgal

    LEVEL UP animation when lv up

    Hello! I would like some help to do a level up thing. I'm doing my RPG using action system. So when the player kill the enemie it increases it's EXP. The mensage that are available to use is too ordinary. I'm thinking in show an animation when the player level up. There is somenthing...
  14. First plugin - recover all on level up

    Script Name+Version Number:  DSR_plugin v0.1 Creator name: DSR   Introduction Include script in plugin manager (placing .js file in the js/plugin folder naturally) By default, it will enable the recover all on level up.  Change parameter to false (or just turn...
  15. EvieEvangelion

    battle aftermath script issue

    Ok so little problem with getting some plugins to work together, maybe it`s the order i have them in idk, i would like to got Yanfly`s Battle Core plugin, victory Aftermath plugin and aftermath level up plugins all working together. i have them in that order in my plugin list, and i have in the...
  16. Lore86

    The Joys (and Frustrations) of Level Up Items

    So, Mr Optimistic here can't seem to find the topic that covered this... well, at least, I think I saw a topic on it... anyways... I want to generate an item that, upon use, the character levels up. No other effects, just levels up as if [the character] had accumulated the EXP required to...
  17. Alistair

    AP - Stat Distribution

    ~ Stat Distribution~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.   So here's my take on this popular system. With this plugin your actors gain Points upon levelling up that can be spent to increase your heroes' params. This...
  18. shockra

    Skill Points on Level Up

    This may be a stupid question, but I'm having a hard time figuring this out. I'm trying to use a skill point system similar to what Dragon Quest 8 has.  At level up, a character gains skill points, which they can spend in various skills.  For example, one character can learn sword, axe, and...
  19. RilinDev

    Help designing the level system

    So, I am making my first game, and want to know how to go about designing a balanced stat curve from level 1 to level 30. 30 is the max level for my game (as it isn't that long) and I don't know where to start. And I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to start either.
  20. Otto

    [Request] Use Gold to "Buy" Stats

    Hey ^^ I have a small request for a script, I have see similar script like this one but none of them met my necessities (they were too complexed basically, and added too many functions i didn't want); If you know the "Souls" saga videogames (Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Blooborne...), this...

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