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  1. Mr. Trivel

    Actor Stats on Level Up

    Author: Mr Trivel Name: Actor Stats on Level Up Created: 2014-06-30 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Instead of setting all the numbers in Class, your actor gains stats according to your formulas.   Requirements: None   Instructions: The stat you want to be increased by formula on...
  2. Diretooth

    Rare Candy

    We've all probably seen Rare Candy in Pokemon, that oh-so-special item that helped us level our Mons up. (If you haven't played Pokemon, I heartily suggest you play it.) Similarly, I wish to have a Rare Candy-esque item in a game, however, I can't simply make a simple common event where the...
  3. Allusion

    YEA Skill Engine Add On?

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could make an add on for Yanfly's skill learning engine for me? Basically, what I would like is the ability to 'replace' learned skills with other skills I would flag. (Either via script or notebox).  So for example, if someone knows 'Fire', but then learns...
  4. Gump

    Gumps Level Up Messenger

    Script Name: Gumps LVLUP Messenger Version: FINAL 1.01 Script Author: Matt Sully (Gump) FINAL 1.01 Update: - Added some advanced window settings (base/control x and y settings, z setting, width/height settings). FINAL 1.0 Update: - Aliasing changed to be a lot more compatible - Fixed some...
  5. Gump

    Gumps Mario RPG Inspired Level Up Bonus Script [Version 1.02.F]

    Script Name: Gumps Level Up Bonus Script Script Author: Matt Sully Script Version: BETA 1.02.F   Information: This script was inspired by the mario rpg level up bonus effect where players could add bonus stats to actors when they leveled up. This script intends to imitate that functionality. The...

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