1. Jragyn

    [MZ] Stat Distribution Panel (SDP) System

    Stat Distribution Panel (SDP) System J/JE/Jragyn Introduction In RPGs, there can be a wide variety of different means to power up your character. Sometimes its via basic level ups, sometimes you consume items, sometimes it is purely from equipment, and the list goes on. This system is the...
  2. Eliaquim

    Eli Exp By Level - Receive Exp according to level difference between Enemy and Actor!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction After setting an experience value for the enemy, this enemy will give that same amount of experience, and there is no way to change that. This plugin aims to implement a system where the actor will gain experience according to the difference in level between...
  3. Eliaquim

    Eli Static Exp - Same exp value for every level up!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Just a simple plugin that makes the exp for the next level by a static value. Features • Set a static exp value that the actors will need to have to level up. How to use Just config the plugin parameter. You can choose a static value per class id too...
  4. OpenTangent

    RMMV How to set an actor or party member to a specific level

    I'm using DreamX's [Capture Enemies] plugin and I would like to make it that if the player has already captured a specific creature and then captures that type of creature again I'd like to give the player the impression that the previous creature is replaced by the newly captured one. For my...
  5. How to do eval for a character's level?

    I'm trying to find out how to do an eval for a character's level, specifically for hiding certain learnable skills until a certain level using Yanfly's plugins. To give more detail: YEP_Skill_Learn_System has a Lunatic Mode eval for showing learnable skills: <Learn Show Eval> value = true...
  6. Converting numerical level to alphabetical

    I probably only messed up something simple. I want to convert a numerical level to alphabetical so instead of 1,2,3 , A,B,C is displayed instead I decided to make an array and just match them which actually works when I input a fixed number, such as 3 into it But when I try to call the actor's...
  7. Level up each stat individually?

    In the game I'm currently working on there are no battles, only competitions that involve each parameter. I've also changed the parameters to as follows: Attack is now Speed Defense is now Power M.Attack is now Dig M.Defense is now Jump Agility is now Beauty Actors also don't have overall...
  8. LawrenceindaSky

    Increase Max Level per Actor?

    I’m not sure the best place to put this question, but this was an idea for my game that I wanted to try out but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. What I’m trying to achieve is to allow the player to “Upgrade” an Actors Max Level (Ex: 1 Actor is Capped at level 20, but buying a Upgrade...
  9. tale

    Linkable Credits, Level Up with Gold [system related]

    Link Credits - 2019/04/17 (Ver3.0.0) Creator name: tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/) Overview Adds a credit command to title screen. Features: - Credits can be displayed with a link to their website. - It's all set up through plugin parameters including: Texts for game version and...
  10. MawMaw-P

    How to delete the level and class system from the game?

    Hey! This is one of the first threads I do at the forum, and I'm relatively new at RPGMMV, so excuse my noob-ish question. I wanted to start a project on MV that did not involve the class system nor level, and I haven't found the way to do so. When I try to delete classes (changing the...
  11. MushroomCake28

    What do you think of a reborn feature that resets your level

    So I was thinking about a reborn system. Effectively, once a character hits level 99 (or whatever is the max level), he can be "reborn", which will reset his level to 1, but he will retain 10-15% of his parameters as his new base parameter at level 1. He will keep all his skills and abilities...
  12. Soulrender

    Level Up Extension plugin

    First of all this plugin is addition for Yanfly's Message Core and Message Extension Pack plugins so it might not work properly without them, so keep it in mind! What does this plugin do? Simple, changes awfull look of level up window to your likings: You can add actor face to message, colors...
  13. The Real Sye

    YEP Class Change Core: Subclass - Set Subclass Level

    Hello! I've spent the last hour trying to find information on this, and either I'm looking in the wrong places, or I'm just blind. The question is simple: Is there a method to set a subclass level on a character in YEP's plugin? In this context, it would be for a character acquired later in...
  14. [SOLVED] Yanfly's Aftermath remove "level.1" word

    Hi all guys. I don't speak English very well and I hope you can understand my problem ^^ as the title suggests, I use the Yanfly's Aftermath plugin and i would like to remove the word "lv. 1" ... Can anyone help me please? c.c Plugin: http://yanfly.moe/plugins/en/YEP_VictoryAftermath.js
  15. thesensitivecoconut

    Set Actor level to Party Leader

    Hi , in my game I'm hoping to set new party member's level equal to that of the party leader. I am able to store the party leader's level in a variable but how can I actually set this as an actor's level ? In the change level tab you only have the options to increase or decrease so I'm not sure...
  16. Gabenslair

    Alternate of leveling up stat boosts.

    In base RPG MAKER, whenever you level up, you get an automated stat boost from predetermined stat boosts. Does any plugin out there alter this so that there is a more variable version of this? Bonus points for: Multiple "levels" with their own "exp" you get that have their own stat...
  17. tale

    MKR_LevelUpMessageEx (Status in Level Up Message)

    MKR_LevelUpMessageEx - 1.0.2 2016/10/15 Creator name: Mankind Overview Status will be displayed in a message window when level up. Features: - Message window will show actor's status has changed during level up message. - Plugin parameters to control the display of status. (ON = to show, OFF...
  18. Nilom

    Draw Picture at event location

    Hello! I try to draw a picture at an events position with: $gameScreen.showPicture(params); The event doesn't have a fixed position. I tried this: $gameScreen.showPicture(80, "picname", 1, $gameMap.event($eventID).x*36, $gameMap.event($eventID).y*36, 100, 100, 255, 0); But it doesn't...
  19. Ebanyle

    Hiding actors parameters with a string?

    So I came across this post by Tsukihime, but what really grabbed my attention was this: Someone in the comments asked him how it was done, but he only said that he used a script to do so. Is there a way to do that to all the parameters, but only for one specific actor? I'm also using Yanfly...
  20. Mr-Toyblock

    Changing enemy/actor name based on their level?

    Alright, so I know enemy levels aren't a thing by default, I'm using Yanflye's enemy levels for that. So here is what I want to do: I want to change an enemy/actor's name every time they go up by 10 levels. Specifically, add a different icon to the name every 10 levels. I already know how to...

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