1. Amarok

    (Solved)Transfer level, equipment and skills from one actor to another

    Hello there, im guessing there must be a way to do this, even trough eventing but i cant figure it out. Anyone knows how to achieve this? As a bonus, would also be possible to transfer the name of actor? (i mean a custom one given trough the name char command) Thanks in advance! :)
  2. Issue With Level Ups

    Alright, so first some background. The game I'm making has a level cap of 10, and level ups are gained exclusively through items called "level orbs" that essentially work like rare candies from the Pokémon series. The game is fuctionally a rogue-lite with a classic RPG style, so in order to make...
  3. Prellmarc

    Pokémon-like Enemy Levels

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a script or a modification of one that lets you scale enemy levels like they do in pokémon - basically no scaling at all. For example at one map or region, a monster could be on level 3 to 5, while in another map or region the same monster could go 25 to 30. I've...
  4. tale

    Change Max Level

    ChangeMaxLevel - 2015-11-19 Creator name: Alec Overview Allows you to change maximum level. Features - Able to change max level with a parameter - Short code //============================================================================= // ChangeMaxLevel.js...
  5. Average Endgame Levels

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on an RPG and I'm at the phase where I'm deciding how my stats will interact with leveling. I was wondering what average endgame level and stats were in RPG maker games that you've made or played! I've got starting stats picked out, but end game stats largely...
  6. S.Court

    Hiding level and showing class in menu

    Hello. I'd like to remove character's level in menu screan, and put instead of it the character class, does someone know how to implement that? Thanks
  7. AdamSakuru

    YEP Victory Aftermath Level Up - Omit Specific Skills? [SOLVED]

    http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/16/yep-59-aftermath-level-up/ Is it possible to omit specific skills from showing in the level up window?
  8. l3m35

    Underscore prefixes in vars

    This: Both .level and ._level are accessible, and as I just read here, it's not a Javascript thing, just a convention (that I don't know why it's used in this case). My doubt is: is there any difference using one or another? Like: $gameParty.members()[0]._level Or it should be...
  9. Skytor

    Level number moved

    Whats up with the level number? somehow its moved waaaaaaaaaaay to the right, behind the hp bar, any idea how this happened? After checking, yanfly's core engine is causing it, but only in that game, in another i'm creating that also uses the plugin core the level number has not moved like in...
  10. Phoenixsylph

    SKILL BRANCHING on level up!? ((Like Dragon Age!))

    So I was wondering if anyone would work on a plugin that allowed for choosing what skills you learn based on points you earn when you level up, the attacks you learn. Pretty much like the Dragon age skill branching system. That way the player gets to choose what kind of skills to learn next...
  11. AsocialDarwinist

    [RMMV] What is the formula for the default parameter curve ?

    Heyoh, I've been coming back to RPG Maker for a few days now, and I'm trying to create a (pretty simple) class system to get used to creating games again. However, I'm encountering a slight problem : I cannot figure out how to fine-tune, or precisely control, the parameter growth rate. My system...
  12. fishing level gains based on fish caught

    I'm trying to make my character lvl up his fishing based on what you catch, i want it to have a percentage or a 1 in 10 (or something) chance or something to level up the fishing after catching a fish. the problem im having is that i can't figure out how to set it up. ive made the variable...
  13. Couple of Questions

    I'm new to RPG Maker and I have a few questions: Is there a way to create a HUD that would display character's name, picture, items equipped, etc? Also is there a way to have the HUD change based upon equipped items (example: it takes 2 MP to summon an equipped magic skill, the HUD will show...
  14. Matseb2611

    Removing Character Level from Menues

    Hi. I'm trying to find a way to remove character level from the menues since my game doesn't use them. I managed to use a main menu plugin (Galv's Bust Menu) where I hid the level from the main menu, but it's still remaining in the Skills menu. Is there a way to remove it, perhaps via a small...
  15. Boss level?

    Is there some way for the boss type enemy to have a level and gain experience each time they kill the player?
  16. Jachan

    Jobclass Level plugin? =O

    I have tried to look around for it, even blue-squrriel (sorry, kept forgot how to memorize your name, xP ) posted sticky thread for a master list. But no luck in end. No, I don't really mean to use ACTOR levels, I mean the CLASS itself... Such as Final Fantasy 3 (100%) and Dragon Quest 6 (90%...
  17. tale

    Level Up Sound Effect

    YME_LevelUpSe - Jan 14, 2016 Creator name: Yumineko Overview Plays a sound effect when level up Features - Sound effect is played when level up where the text is displayed. (battle included) - Short code length. Put the name of the sound file as a value for "SE Name" parameter. Note: For a...
  18. Fhntop

    [New plugin] Multi Level Map (x, y, z)

    Introduction Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to the forums and the RPGMaker community, so please tell me if this post needs some fixing. I've been scripting for a while now, working on a project of my own. One day YouTube recommended me a tutorial video on how to make a bridge on MV that you could...
  19. XGuarden

    Skill did't appear

    I evrybody, I create a lot of character and they all have a class. Many character did't start at level 1. Inside the class settings I put skill depending of level. In my case they onle have level 1 to 3. After doing this big job, I decide to test it in game. I realize that event if recruit a...
  20. Secondary Characters Back to Level 1

    Hello, it's been a long while since I touched RPGMaker VX Ace. A few minutes ago their HPs were displaying correctly (as level 30). I don't know what I could have possibly modified that would have caused this oIO<  If you need more screenshots I can provide; but while waiting I'll try to...

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