1. nio kasgami

    level for class

    guys I wanted to know because I wanted to code for my game a new type of system instead the characters have a "level"  I wanted to have her class with level if I explain example you have the class "goddess" who are level 4 so it will be mark level 4 but the other class "warrior" is level 2 ...
  2. Tools and Utilities Request

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a free-game project, to help people learn playing. The project consists in create an environment where players can interact with objects and learn something. I've found several tools and utilities on internet, but the are some that i'm having trouble finding. They...
  3. DeyJay5

    Idea's for a game with no leveling up?

    Basically my game does not have enough battles to make leveling up necessary. So does anyone have any tips on how to make an rpg game where your character never has to level up yet the fights are still challenging and not completely reliant on luck?
  4. SpacemanFive

    Multiclass System

    Due to request by Tyler.Kendrick, I am requesting a multiclass system script to go with his Data Levels script for character levels separate from class levels. While I would normally use Yanfly's Class System script, it's incompatible with Tyler.Kendrick's script, as it doesn't seem rigged to...
  5. Disarmed

    Question about leveling stats [ANSWERED]

    Okay, so Ive been using RPG Maker for quite a while and I have a question, when a player levels up, do their stats INCREASE or are they set to a certain amount? For example: HP at Level 3 = 500 HP at Level 4 = 550 If a player is at Level 3 and uses an item that increases their Max HP, is...
  6. userlame

    EXP without levels (gradual leveling)

    It's like the topic title suggests, a script which allows actors to gain exp, but not level up. Stats changes gradually with the EXP. There is a similar script for VX: http://rpgmaker.net/scripts/5/ Unlike that one, this would allow the game to not bother with levels at all. The actors will get...
  7. Permanent Status Bonus besides Leveling

    Hi there everyone! I'm new to this forum since i need to know some stuff for my RPG-Maker project. But for this problem i could not find a answer, since im not even sure, what to search for. Anyway, i hope someone can help me with the following issue: Lets say HeroA has the following Level...
  8. Req: Need to detach EXP from Level

    Hello, and thanks in advance for the consideration. I am working on a project in which EXP is gained as a resource ,but does not increase character level directly. Instead, players would buy their stat increases and skills through a menu, and each purchase increases character level. (Similar to...
  9. Mr. Trivel

    Actor Stats on Level Up

    Author: Mr Trivel Name: Actor Stats on Level Up Created: 2014-06-30 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Instead of setting all the numbers in Class, your actor gains stats according to your formulas.   Requirements: None   Instructions: The stat you want to be increased by formula on...
  10. ImmortalTowel

    Conditional Branch For Actor Levels?

    Is there a way I can make a conditional branch require an actor to be a certain level to, let's say; To allow an actor use a "door"? *Edit* to keep this in this section i'll add "Or something like this?" Link or a helpful answer please.
  11. Maliki79

    Weapon and Armor Leveling with Specific Stats

    Hello all. I was hoping to get some assistance of an idea I am working on. I'm looking to allow weapons and armors to level up based on item usage. Meaning, If you use 10 items on the weapon, it would gain a level and a specific stat on the weapon would increase by a definable amount. I'm...
  12. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Level Extension v1.10

    Overview This script provides the ability to run RGSS3 methods/formulas during the level up and down These can be used for: global/actors/classes/weapons/armors/states Global - affects all level up/down Actors - affects all level up/down by the actor Classes - affects all level...
  13. xcom

    Advice on custom class/level balance

    So I have things all mapped out and designed.  The starting events have been laid out and function the way they should.  So my game has hit the point to where the heroes finally start the "adventure" and start facing off against the many monsters that await them.  So it's time for me to design...
  14. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Monster Strength based on Party Level

    So, we are aiming to have monsters grow more powerful as the party's average level increases. What would be the best method of achieving this?
  15. Macusto

    Boss Strengths determined by Level

    So, I and my friends are currently working on a game which, while it has a definite storyline, also allows the player access to pretty much the whole world right off the bat...there will be lots of optional areas to explore, and thus lots of optional bosses to fight. Which brings me to my...
  16. Kread-EX

    Skill Upgrade

    Skill Upgrade Version: 1.07 Author: Kread-EX Introduction Allows to upgrade/downgrade skills with either JP, gold, or a game variable. It was requested by Rukaroa based on Yanfly's game Generation Overzeal. Features Ability to upgrade and downgrade skills. 3 possible "currencies". JP (with...
  17. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Level scaling without scripting in VX ACE

    can it be adjusted to work with party average lvl? and i mean the main 4 not the ones in reserve

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