1. check Exp in events

    Greetings, its me again! I have a new project, and i wanted to ad a costum leveling system that lets you choose a new skill /parameter change for each level. i messed arround with some common events and variables to set up what should happen, but encountered a problem: the trigger. I settled...
  2. VirusChris

    Dark Cloud Weapon Plugin Request

    I'm a little shock that the Dark Cloud Weapon script from VX and VX Ace never carried over to MV yet. Anyway, I want to request this Plugin as I'm looking for a Plugin that allows you to power up and evolve your weapon from using it in battle and earning Weapon EXP from defeated enemies. For...
  3. Orpheus

    Stat and Level Caps

    Greetings. So for the project I'm working on (see signature; searching for team members) the game functions closer to a game like Fire Emblem, where rather than having a party of usually under 10 or so people, you essentially have a small armies' worth of people (somewhere around 20-30+) that...
  4. Kaesekruemel

    Persona-esque Skill/Level system

    Hi there. I'm rather new to the Game maker so I may overlook something but I can't seem to find a way to do it on my own. I also don't know if this is the right thread in the Forum since I just created an account. I wanted to implement a System where the heroes get access to a bunch of items...
  5. Ahleingui

    Tactical Battling and more advanced Leveling

    Greetings and salutations! I am Ahleingui and I am new to both RPG Maker MV and to this forum. The last RPG Maker I played was in 2009, and because of school and such, I was never able to delve too deep into it. So I have some knowledge of using the basic functions of the game and coupling that...
  6. AMGLime

    How do I? Change Levels

    Alright, I'm stumped on trying to event this, so I figured I'd ask here before I look for a Script. So the way my game works is its divided in Chapters, you're limited by a party of 4 but I dont want people to be able to switch whenever they want so Characters will inevitably fall behind in...
  7. Battle/Level Mechanics can it be done?

    Hey Guys, Name is Pim from the Netherlands I am new to RPG Maker and need to know something before i buy. Though I will probably end up buying it anyway. If you want the background story, scroll below for the intro :-) Anyway what I was wondering is the following.. I want no...
  8. kl4ss1c

    Armor Levels

    I looked though the forum but did not see anything pertaining to armor leveling.  I was wondering if it has been made yet or can be looked at being made. I was looking for a plugin that gave specific armor types levels.(light, medium, heavy) They would level based on amount of hits/dmg...
  9. Maus Merryjest

    Modified Leveling System: Ultima VI Style

    I'm interested in an alternate system for leveling. It is based on the Ultima VI style of leveling: Level cap happens at level 8. Leveling up is not automatic. Instead, the character has to interact with a specific NPC (or shrine), which will effect the level-up.  Each NPC/Shrine raises...
  10. chungsie

    Customizable Leveling System

    So I've decided to dive back into VX ACE. I have some decent knowledge now of ruby classes and hashes and so on. But I really don't know anything about the ACE engine specifics to say the least. I know the basics for it, but nothing advanced. I was hoping someone could make a script for...
  11. gRaViJa

    Change level to military rank

    My game has a big military influence to it so i was thinking to enhance this, I could change the classic number for a character's level, it would be changed to a military rank ranging from Conscript to Field Marshal. But i'm not sure where to start with this one, i guess a small plugin is needed...
  12. Different Character leveling mechanic

    Is it possible, and if so, how, to make a character advancement system that works in the following way: Each character has a set of core stats that represent their physical and mental characteristics. I was thinking: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma (just...
  13. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Skill Leveling

    Name: Simple Skill Leveling Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-27   What does it do? Skills change to their stronger or different versions after X uses.   Video:   How to use? To make skill change after some uses, use...
  14. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    I'm in the middle of making a plugin for a game I'm planning to make (imagine that) and I felt like other people might also benefit from having this system I'm putting in place to replace standard leveling. It's heavily based on how character growth works in the SaGa series, meaning that...
  15. Cjdgame

    Visual Automatic Actor Stats Table With Corresponding Monster Stats Table

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a very visual worker. I need to be able to see the information at hand to be able to work with it, especially with RPG Maker where I need to base other things stats based on a classes stats. Because of this, I decided that the only real way for me to do...
  16. CobeSlice

    Non-Traditional Leveling Systems

    Hey all! I'm looking into a non-traditional leveling system. The game premise is basically this: You are one in a group of magicians (wizards/witches/etc) but instead of leveling up normally (EXP to increase from 1 - infinity) you will have a book of spells. In order to unlock the spells, you...
  17. Warpmind

    Character Progression Mechanics

    So, working on my own engine overhaul (modestly set under the working title "Warp Engine", for the lulz), and considering... Should I stick with the default character advancement system with learning abilities at predetermined levels OR a system akin to early Final Fantasy and the like where you...
  18. Kes

    Leveling up Physical (TP) Skills

    Does anyone know of a script which enables a character to level up a physical skill, rather than a magic skill?  I've hunted through the Master Script List and can't see one. What I would like to do is have a mechanism whereby after X uses of a skill, it levels up and increases the attack value...
  19. thecretanhound

    Man down! Character loses skills and portrait when leveling.

    I am not sure where I should list this issue,  One of my custom characters loses his skills and even his portrait when he hits level 8. I am pretty sure it is not a script error since my other characters are not effected. The only class related script I have installed is the change class script...
  20. Cjdgame

    Yanfly's Class System Leveling Help

    So I'm using Yanfly's class system, and I had everything all set up and I was excited for the use of sub classes...but then I found out that   Sub Classes don't level up with the Primary Class :(   At least not when I tested it. I don't know if something messed up along the line (Though no...

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