1. Tigersong


    Just bouncing an idea here. Will Ace allow XP gain from actions other than battle? If so, I might try a system where players level by advancing the plot and then use their skills in storyline battles.
  2. No HP/MP, Status Based, Combat Mechanics

    First time poster, experienced in game design, programming, etc. Goal: Use RPG Maker VX Ace as the foundation for a fairly unique combat system.     Now, I'm not asking HOW to do this, I just want to know if anything I'm hoping to do is impossible or requires so much work I would be better...
  3. deilin

    Skills, Many few or Action Points

    One key to RPGs are the skills.They make you weak, they make you strong, they make you unique, and they can make a list a mile long. I remember playing RPGs where you gain a skill every 5 levels or so based on your class, and others by weapon, and unlocks as you use it. Some mix both, while...
  4. deilin

    Level Tree

    In my working with all the RPG Makers, I usually end up running into one problem. Balancing level up and experience gain, and subsiquently, status up. My first real scrip I wrote for VX was for adjusting the experience tree. The built in tree was too quick for me, even on the max settings...
  5. Lunarea

    Features Feedback

    Are you wondering if a feature is right for you? Wondering if players would like one of the features you're adding? Or maybe you're unsure if two features go well together ... Have no project thread to post all of this in? This is the right place for you! Post your features here, or help a...

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