1. gsuk

    scripting to decide behavior of enemies based on levels of party members

    I'm using a script which makes enemies attack you if they are stronger than you (based on their level). It works fine when there is only one party member, but let's say you are level 10 and you recruit someone who is level 3. There are enemies that will not attack you if you are alone (because...
  2. Mr-Toyblock

    Changing enemy/actor name based on their level?

    Alright, so I know enemy levels aren't a thing by default, I'm using Yanflye's enemy levels for that. So here is what I want to do: I want to change an enemy/actor's name every time they go up by 10 levels. Specifically, add a different icon to the name every 10 levels. I already know how to...
  3. Joshua13342

    I need an NPC that gives quests based on an actor's level

    As the title suggests, I am trying to make an NPC that gives players a quest based on their lead actor's level. I have the game set that the first character is naturally a slightly higher level than the rest, and I would like to set the event to respond to that. I need a little bit more...
  4. Absolute Values for Exp/Levels

    Hi folks. I used to dabble a lot with old versions of RPG Maker back in the day, making a few things for myself but this is the first time I am getting serious. I've been working a lot on art but am setting that aside to start building the skeleton of the systems I want to be using. It's been...
  5. Help with Yanfly Monster Level script

    Hello, I've decided to start using Yanfly's Monster Levels script which is amazing btw, but I've come across a little problem/bug not sure what it is. My issue is this, in my game I'm trying to simulate things realistically from an economy stand point. For example, player fights slimes and...
  6. Emperor DragonBreath

    Skill Tiers

    Is there a plugin that's so actors can only have 3 skills, spells to be specific per tier, kind of like in the original Final Fantasy?
  7. blade911

    Level Tiers

    Hi I have an idea for a game but do not know how to implement it and would like some help if possible My idea, I have been reading chinese light novels and most of them have cultivation tiers eg. beginner, adept, master, legendary etc. Within each tier there are level 1-10, the the...
  8. Damage Levels? help i'm stupid

    (first post.) I'm having trouble with formulas. I am not very mathematically adept. i want to know how to make attacks on  different levels of severity. Ex: Scorch - Light fire attack to one foe. I need 4 levels: Light, Normal, Heavy, and Severe. Pls an ty. whoever reads this...
  9. Tsukihime

    Exp Tables

    RPG Maker allows your actors to level up by reaching the amount of experience points required. The amount of exp required is determined by the actor's level for their current class, and the class' exp curve. Exp curves are generated using a pre-determined formula, and you only have the ability...
  10. TheGamedawg

    No level ups. Other ways to increase the strength of your characters.

    How would you guys approach playing creating a game that has no level up system whatsoever.  Instead you would get stat boosts and skills via other means.  What are your thoughts on games that do this sort of thing?
  11. Tsukihime

    Enemy Levels

    Do you want your enemies to have levels like actors? You could use levels as a way to determine their difficulty level compared to the actor's current level. For example, if your actor is currently level 10 and the enemy is level 20, you might use a red font to draw the enemy's name to indicate...
  12. Official Lost Souls

    Higher Levels Than 100

    Hi all, I was wanting to make a game where the levels would continue on past level 100, so that the game could keep going and repeating itself. (No spoilers, sorry!) Is there any way to do that? I would appreciate the help! --Official Lost Souls
  13. Josephkhland

    Skill repeats according to level [Help]

    Is there any way of making the Invocation repeats, increase according to the character's Level ?  I mean when the player is level 5 this skill repeats 1 time, at level 11 it repeats 2 times, at level 32 it repeats 3 times etc... If I can do this by scripting (and not just eventing), do you...
  14. Kes

    Extra EXP based on levels

    Obviously I can use the Sp.Param EXR as a Feature on an accessory, but that gives the same amount of additional exp to all characters when they equip it. What I would like to do is have the additional exp calculated according to the actor's level and ideally have that slightly random.  I can...
  15. Disarmed

    Question about leveling stats [ANSWERED]

    Okay, so Ive been using RPG Maker for quite a while and I have a question, when a player levels up, do their stats INCREASE or are they set to a certain amount? For example: HP at Level 3 = 500 HP at Level 4 = 550 If a player is at Level 3 and uses an item that increases their Max HP, is...
  16. CheshireJelly


    Hey... I'm somewhat new to RPG Maker Vx Ace and I was wondering if someone could help me... You see I'd like the attacks and enemies and things like to blance out... I've tried and I only seem to make the enimies too difficult to kill or the player is over powered... I want a system like that in...
  17. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Stat Gain via Skill Levels

    What do you guys think of a game where stat/parameter gain is via skill leveling? I mean like you use a skill this many times, it levels up and along with that, you gain a stat that is linked to that skill. This way, your growth is actually dependent on what you actually do. Notes: - The...
  18. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Skill Levels + Add-Ons

    Overview/Features Skill Levels v1.05 (04/12/2014) This is a core script that allows you to have skill levels - Assign initial, maximum and exp formula for each skill on a per actor/enemy basis - Escape codes for showing those values in texts - Script calls to handle modifying those values...
  19. Level Based Locations

    Hi, I'm hard at work on my first RPG Maker game, but Im having trouble setting up a dungeon that only appears on the world map once the actor as hit a certain number. I messed around with variables but I can't seem to wrap my head around this one. Any help would be deeply appreciated. 
  20. Cjdgame

    EXP and leveling?

    I haven't really played the game I'm making, and therefore haven't tried leveling up my character. So I was wondering... 1) Does your level stick to your character? Say I switch the character's class from fighter to thief mid-game, will my character still be lv. 5 or be shot back down to a lv...

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