1. mythbuilder

    RMMV Prime Maxima: Warrior - v0.8 LIVE!

    Synopsis An untimely death places you at the head of a high-risk mercenary squad in a bloody civil war. Thread the needle between savage battlefields and cutthroat politics as you uncover the truth behind your fallen comrade's demise. Master your arms. Rally your troops. Become a Warrior...
  2. TheLastYuriSamurai

    RMMV Monster Village (IGMC Entry)

  3. Rhino

    TRADE (Closed) Looking for Mapper/Level Designer!

    This game is currently in the early development stage. We'll be using default rtp maps to later be updated when a mapper joins the team. Engine: RPG Maker MV Disclaimer: This game has lgbt themes. Heir to the throne of Alundria, Princess Yvenne finds herself in a difficult position: does...
  4. iorn

    Let's have a discussion about Criticism!

    So basically what I wanted to talk about is Criticism....Specifically good vs bad Criticism and how both of them effect different developers along with how said developer should go about handling both types of Criticism to avoid harming their product or looking like a butt. ((Might need...
  5. Mikleo

    LGBT Game

    I think this is the right category for this kind of thread,... or so I think it is? I'm just wondering, is there a Completed LGBT (Yaoi or Yuri) Game here? Or other creators out there who's currently making LGBT based games? Am I the only one? LOL! :D I play all kinds of games, and...
  6. Hellpug

    The Roots Betwixt (New version!)

    So myself, Navitoro/Holly McCrea and Scott F. Thompson made an rpg maker game in 48 hrs X.x This was for Super Love Jam, a game jam specifically trying to bring out more LGBT representation, and this specific one was about sexual identity, gender norms and the relationships we create based on...
  7. Hellpug

    Super Love Jam 2016 (SFW don't worry)

    https://itch.io/jam/super-love-jam-2016   Hey there! A friend (Navitoro) and I are planning a very short RPG maker project for a game jam starting this Friday June 10th - Sunday June 12th. Super Love Jam is about encouraging more diverse characters, stories and topics through this jam. Game...
  8. Brillenpinguin

    Favorite LGBTQ+ Characters in media!

    Hello everyone! Inspired by a different thread, I thought it might be interesting to open up a topic of simulare nature, but with a different intent. I'm asking you to introduce us to your personal favorite characters from any media, that fits under the LGBTQ+ umbrella! Explain why you like...

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