1. CrisR82

    Kid Generator Parts Usage Questions

    I have a question about the use rights for the Kid Generator Parts DLC - the site has two tags in particular that concern me: "Violent Content Forbidden" and "Adult Content Forbidden". While the labels are self-explanatory, they, by themselves seem far too broad to clarify where the line is...
  2. Problem with license

    Hello together, I hope I chose the right category...I already asked technical support some days ago, but no answer so far: I bought the product RPG Maker VX some time ago. When I start it now, it wants a license key. Where can I find my key? I know I used the software half a year ago and also...
  3. Dungeonmind

    Future Steam Punk Collection Vol.2 License info?

    When I open the license text file for this pack its all messed up characters like its unreadable. This product doesn't have the information the new products always have on the store page. I want to know if you can use this in another game engine thats not rpg maker but I cannot read the license...
  4. User Licence Agreement question

    Hello RPG Maker team I have a question regarding the User Licence Agreement. Mainly I want to design books and ebooks. To do this, step 1) I would create scenarios using the RPG Maker MV and VX/VXACE; step 2) would execute the designed level, step 3) and I would take a screenshot of that level...
  5. JtheDuelist

    About Licenses

    Well, I just found out from @Shaz that a license for MV only allows it to be installed on two computers max. Since I bought mine through Steam and already have it on both my laptops, does that mean when my gaming computer arrives that I'll have to buy it again?! I can't afford doing that- that...
  6. RPG MV Rules on own Games?

    Hi, i playing with thought of getting a RPG Maker version. Some friend already make games suggested to get MV instead of AC because newer but they also said that with MV i would not allowed to sell my Games? But on here i found no info support this? 1. So if i make a game with only...
  7. About the default resources

    I own a full copy of RPG Maker MV that I bought from Steam. Can I use all the default resources included (Anything made in the character generator with default assets, Music...etc) for commercial use if I use these assets on a different game engine? (Currently developing with Unity)
  8. Help with licence agreement

    Hello everyone I am very new here so I primarily want to thank you for all the good work. I have spent a few busy days reading and testing Ace to determine if it will be my tool for my new commercial game development project. Before purchasing the product I want to make sure I will not...
  9. What happened to the non-rm offers?

    Hi there, I'm interested in the use of graphics for other engines. I got from older posts that this is not possible for graphics coming with the makers, only for certain resource-packs with a special non-rm option. I assume this (sadly) still is the case and no royalty deal can be made about...
  10. Licence to make Monetized Youtube Tutorials?

    Hey There, How is everyone? I am highly interested in making monetized youtube tutorials on the new RPG Maker MV, however, after reading over the end-user licence agreement. I get the understanding that I can not use the characters or items that came with the program for this purpose. Is this...
  11. xizorandy

    Data Management: Tracking Resources, Licences and Sources

    To me, there is nothing more frustrating then not being able to find it when I want it - which is why at work, my email has 80 folders in it for categorising and storing emails. The above detail is just to explain why I had to find a better way to sort, store, keep and later find Resources I...
  12. cabfe

    About music licensing

    Hello everybody ! I got lucky enough to get the attention of a talented composer who expressed his desire to compose songs for my game. Since I'm still undecided on whether I'll make it a commercial one or not (have to talk to a lawyer first, among other things) he gave me two options: -if the...

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