1. Licensing Question

    This is a odd question. I purchased RPG Maker MV bundle on steam a year or so ago. I was curious to how the licensing worked with the character generator within the engine. The reason I ask is I have recently picked up C# and using Unity. If I wanted to use the Character Generator in RPG...
  2. Educational game - license problem

    Hi guys, I'm a final year medical student and I started to work on a educational game for medical students which I would give for free with a possibility of donating money to me and people who help me with it. Because I use a lot of medical books I started to ask, if there is a problem with...
  3. l3m35

    Retired authors and plugin licenses

    I'm aware of the actions of Soulpour777 years ago, stealing snippets of code to make his plugins. BUT as far as I know, he made one of the best lighting plugins available, called Thomas Edison MV. The terms of use are flexible (archive here), it's free and the plugin itself is fantastic. And...
  4. Parallax Panda

    RM engine (and DLC's) EULA's + YouTube Channels

    I know there are a handful of RM focused YouTuber's who make everything from Let's Play's, First impression and Speed Mapping videos. Not to mention Dev Log's and Tutorials. There's Echo607, SRDude, Vibrato08, @Yanfly , @Driftwood Gaming , @Studio Blue , TheUnproPro... and a bunch of other...
  5. Brigg

    Artwork Permissions for outside Projects

    Hi all So I read in a GM post that you cannot use the artwork (which I'm assuming is part of the RTP) for anything other than an RPG project without special permissions. "-- You may contact us for special permission to use resource packs outside a project. Not all permissions are granted, but...
  6. Help with license issues

    A few days ago, I asked on a group about resources that developers think should have more variety and everybody came up with "more characters". Then I decided to create a character pack, but I'm having a problem. I want to create sprites in both VXA and MV style, so people could use them in any...
  7. Can I use my copy of MV on a 2nd computer temporary?

    I'm going out of town in a few days but I want to enter the IGM contest. I started working on my game today but as of the 14th I won't have access to my computer until a few days after the contest ends. Am I allowed to install my copy of MV on another computer? I will be the only one using MV...
  8. Dreadshadow

    Teaching using Lite on student's laptop. Is it ok if I own myself a legit copy of VX Ace?

    Hello once again community. Today I have an interesting question to ask. Let's say you got a High school kid, that had some Scratch classes, and he was excited. Now... the kid wants to go just a step further, and do stuff like scratch but more interesting. So, I thought of RPG Maker VX Ace Lite...
  9. Parallax Panda

    EULA, Encryption and Browser deployment

    Ok, there are a bunch of different EULA's out there obviously, but most of them (all of them?) share this clause that you can't share a game you've made (with the DLC) unless it's encrypted. With MV you can encrypt your game as you deploy them, but, what about if you want to deploy a game to be...
  10. Orb

    Sites with free stock pics???

    Hello there (: I'm creating this thread because I have a question to answer before going further with my project: I'm using stock pictures from (such as landscapes and things like that) for my MV game. The website says that all images are free to use for commercial projects as long...
  11. TheTitan99

    I own both MV and VX Ace. Can I use Ace's resources (music, ect.) in a released MV project?

    Or does that break some terms of use? Primarily looking at the music here, I prefer a lot of Ace's audio to MV. While I'm pretty sure, seeing as I own both, there wouldn't be a problem in crisscrossing the resources, figure there's no harm in asking.
  12. Tuomo L

    Licenses and EULA

    So, this is something I was wondering; is there any set license or EULA that I should add to my game when I release it? If there is, where can I find it? Some plugins and stuff that I have found (such as fonts) say that they're released under MIT license and that I need to include that license...
  13. Christopher Daly

    Misplaced license for RPG Maker VX ACE

    Greetings! Last year I purchased RPG Maker VX Ace for at home use for a college assignment. Since then I've built a new PC with new HDDs and unfortunately forgot to take note of the serial/license key for RPG Maker and cannot find the email which contained the serial. I've tried...
  14. How do I Register my Game?

    Hello! I'm an ultimate noob. I've read that after you purchase an RPG Maker engine, you have to register the engine and the game you make with the company before legally selling it. However, I haven't seen anything on the official site that allows you to do so. I've purchased several engines...
  15. Characters created in Character Creator Studio (RMVX) license

    Hello, I'm creating an indie game for mobiles devices using Unity3D engine, I'd like to use characters created with "Character Creator Studio (RMVX)" in my game, am I allowed to use them in commercial product made in application other than RPG Maker VX? If yes then what are the terms of use...
  16. Parallax Panda

    Where can I buy licenses for SFX libraries

    I know there are free to use resources scattered around the web with various terms of use. But I want to actually pay for a license. Yes it may sound crazy when there is free stuff all over the place, but having actually paid for a license makes me feel more secure if any legal issues (god...
  17. Amy Pond

    License clarification

    A resource is given under Creative Commons ShareAlike. The license is summarised as: Under the following terms: It is the ShareAlike part that has me confused. The first quote suggests I can use the material however I like, including in my case in a commercial video game. It...
  18. AnthroMP

    Is there any legal way I can transfer an RPG Maker XP license?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any legal way to transfer a license. I built a new PC to replace my old one, but the old one I'm going to soon stop using has my copy of RPG Maker XP and I'm still developing a game with it. So I was wondering if there is any way I can legally transfer the...
  19. License - GCH & SteamWorkshop

    Hello there,  this is my first forum post here so i don't know if this is the right place to put it but... I am currently developing a game in java and not using rpg maker but i found some resources  on the internet which look pretty similar to rpg maker. Since i want to use a GPL...
  20. Questions about the RPG Maker MV Preorder

    Hi there. I preordered a copy of RPG Maker MV but I heard the Mac version is not out yet, am I right? I feel left out for not being able to download that right away. And also, can I use the license key to activate it on my Windows then "unactivate" it for my Mac to use the same code while my...

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