1. Khazyelnaeitz


    Hi, how are you doing, fellas? I am hereby returning to game design passion which I slouchily dabbled and stalled with since the release of VX Ace. Faintly remembering the strong energy amongst warpers back then on RRR and VX(dot)net. But to my most online gratitude, the RPG Maker communities...
  2. misterdovah

    RMMV Stars Walker

    STARS WALKER A Game Experiment by MisterDovah Stars Walker is a game that I made for the RTP Only Jam, as a challenge for myself to create something with few resources and in english (my native language is portuguese e it is a chance to pratice it). It's my first game in another language...
  3. EmptyVoid_

    Greetings, Goodbye? - Ev_

    Greetings, (Hehe, It's great to meet you. Everything you are about to read is not to be taken 100% seriously. I also hope you have a wonderful day!) Ev_ , It's my introduction to an incredible community that I've known for some time. Joining the forums as my Alias is what I've achieved by...
  4. Chef

    Life, IT and Asperger

    Good evening, Since I was young I showed symptoms of Asperger or PPD-NOS, and the past few weeks it became very clear to me I actually have it. First I didn't want to believe it because it's ruled as a form of autism and I'm pretty damn sure I'm not autistic, so I just ignored any help I could...
  5. NasranSalleh

    RMMV The Last Will

    THE LAST WILL SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Ever since being diagnosed with cancer, Erica has not lived a fairly easy life. She is mostly restricted to her bed, and her immune system deteriorates as time goes on. There is no cure for her, but endless love and care from you, her willful husband of 50...
  6. Kanallaman

    RMMV Life Without Friends (DEMO OUT NOW!)

    Another RPG Game where nobody has to get hurt! By Kanallaman Studios DEMO Out Now! FEATURES! (NOTE: I forgot the mention this, but some of these features are planed and are NOT in the current demo. If it's not in the demo, it will have an % next to it.) Act/Spare...
  7. Blair Pendragon

    Drain HP state

    I usually find work arounds for most things, but currently I'm looking to mimic the effect of giving a party member a "Drain HP" effect mid combat, to all abilities. For now, Im going to settle for something different. (I'm going to try my hardest to not use any plugins. Half the time I'm told...
  8. Uzuki

    The Canadian Life

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask a question for my Canadian neighbors to the North: How is life in Canada? I've come to a point in my life where my options on where to live have opened up and to be honest I'm kinda tired of nonsense of the United States. Backwards healthcare system, having to jump...
  9. Khayalan

    Thread Of Life - Khayalans Project

    Welcome to my Birthday-Bash Project It is named "Thread of Life"   Concept Youve got a Thread of Life... Every Interaction with NPCs,Chests or other things costs you a part of it, when it is 0 or below GAME OVER :) In Battles you dont lose instantly if you die, you just...
  10. Perma-Death revival item

    Hi Guys,      I'm still a bit new to RPG Maker Ace, there is still a lot I need to figure out but I'm not a complete noob. Basically I'm making a game in which if the character dies it results in a gameover, however I want to add a purchasable item from a merchant that functions as a sort of...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Roguelike Save System

    What does it do? One slot per game save. Can only save when returning to title or forcefully saving. Save is deleted on death. Infinite save files.   Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Roguelike Save System Created: 2015-05-08 Version: 1.0   Screenshots: No.   Script: <Link: Github>...
  12. NixasHearts

    Farm Life (working title)

    Farm Life   Introduction Farm Life is a life sim game where you move to your grandad's farm and live out day to day life. The game isn't very story based and let's the player take control of their life. Story You write the story! It's your life. You start out on your grandad's farm, but you...
  13. Pititia12

    Pack Chars No Game No Life [04-07-14] [+Kurami]

            It is just a package of chars of the anime No Game No Life for those who like and / or need to use. Simple chars, made ​​by a boy who can barely be considered a Spriter, so do not expect anything complex and sophisticated. What I want with it? I want you, beginners, to use...
  14. Zephyr: World of Life [ ALPHA DEMO v1 DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]

    Welcome to the Zephyr: World of Life topic. We are in need of your assistance. I can't develop this game by myself so I am in need of some staff members to help me out! If you go to the link below, it will redirect you to the gaming website. NewbGamingZ is the gaming company of this game. Of...
  15. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Anyone here playing lawn tennis?

    So does anybody here play Lawn Tennis? I learned it during college (it was my first PE), though I haven't got time to play/practice during the university days. Right now I'm trying to really have time to play and practice. :) PS: What racket brand do you use? I use Dunlop before and Babolat...
  16. Mr. Detective

    I just failed my driving test.

    So, how many of you guys failed to pass your first driving test? > :( I failed mine two hours ago, it was due to lane violation. It was raining when my test began. I drove carefully, and followed all directions. But then, when we turn into a local road, he told me to turn right, and I couldn't...
  17. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Your phone's battery experience... :)

    So, I was just curious about other people's phone battery experience... My current one works like this: Without SIM / SIM's network disabled : Around 3-4 days With SIM/ SIM's network enabled : Around 1.5-2 days BTW: Dual core 1GHz phone, Android ICS, 1800mAH battery, 4.3 inch IPS screen...
  18. Where has the Timer option gone?

    Hello Everyone, So, I only just started using RPG Maker VX Ace. Used to be a pro on RPG Maker 2003. But my favourite thing to do in RPG Maker 2003 has since been removed from RPG Maker VX Ace and I was wondering if there was some backdoor way to still do it. I used to spend hours developing...

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