light effect


    RMMZ Add light to follower/Bind event to follower?

    Okay, so I'm using Shora's LIghting plugin, and what I need is for the follower to have a light instead of the player. The plugin itself appears to not support this option, so I tried searching for an event-bind plugin -So I could add the light to an event instead- which led me to this thread...
  2. Light on parallax background

    Hello, I'm trying to create a map where there's a full moon in the parallax background, and on that same map, I use tint screen to set it to night... The problem is, the tint screen also affects the moon, which is in parallax, that's to be expected. The question is, is there any way to make...
  3. TwentyFree

    RMMV Khas UltraLighting Remake for Commercial Purposes

    Hey everyone, So a little introduction. Khas has left the rpg maker scene entirely and has stopped making and supporting his javascripts. There is no response on any of his available contact links. This makes it so that nobody can get a commercial license for some of his scripts that require...
  4. Creating a pulse of light or sonar.

    I've been trying to figure out how to make a pulse of light radiate out from the player and quickly vanish like a radar. Does anyone know a way to do this?
  5. dungeon lighting

    So i was thinking, is it possible to make some area in one map completly dark before the player reach that section of the map. Like say, the character is in entrance of the dungeon, but there is a passageway to another area in that map, but if the player not yet visit that place, it will be...
  6. Frain

    Victor Light Effects Script - light turns off when transfering

    Hello! I've been using Victor Light Effects script for some time and it's doing great so far. However, there is a issue with it. When the light is around player and when the player transfers/teleports to other map (or even on the same map!) the lights turn off basically, it just disappears...
  7. OcRam

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    Introduction This plugin will add 1 layer for light sources. You may use event comments or plugin commands to control different type of light sources. Event comments are processed PER page so you can easily control different types of light sources on same event. You may have multiple different...
  8. BurgerMasterMan

    RPG Maker MV Lighting Issue

    Though I am usually able to trouble shoot and fix these kinds of issues on my own, I can't seem to figure out the underlying problem behind this one. I was hoping someone here could help out. I've been using the "Terrax Lighting" plugin as a major part of the visuals in my game for awhile now...
  9. ashyramoonwolf

    (MV) Light effect (Non Webgl)

    Hello everyone. I seen somewhere that Webgl do not work great on mobile and phone. Sadly (else mistake) i also seen Terrax ligthning is using webgl. Do anyone know/ can adapte, a plugin to have lightning effect but not webgl? (My game on android is laggy each time there is light, and i think...
  10. ArgonianSam

    Spotlight or selective screen darkening.

    I want to make a scene where there is a magic show, and the entire room darkens except for the magician up on the stage. Is there any way to tint the screen to be darker and leave a select circle or light in a specific place?
  11. LoserLumaSil

    Torch Light Doodad

    Just a simple torchlight for Yanfly's Doodad Plugin. Simply save it in the light/animated folder with the name "torchlight[4x1]" and it'll show up as an animated light. By default it's orange. Feel free to change the color to match whatever light it's supposed to be for in your game. Change the...
  12. RoxaDragonheart

    Kha's awesome lights - Is it possible to make the light event move?

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right cathegorie for this thread. I added the awesome lights skript from Kha ( ) to my actual project and wondered, if is possible to make a light event move around. To be clear, I do not mean a torch or a lamp, I...
  13. Macbeth

    Using a light effect (torch) with parallax mapping

    Greetings knowledgeable people :D i have a question: for my game i'm creating parallaxed maps but i'm having problems finding/using a proper plugin for a single light effect. To make it quick, during the night (the map is entirely created with parallax, night effect included) the main...

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