1. Unable to find file

    (This isn't really feedback, but I didn't know where else to put it) I just installed Khas Awesome Lighting Effects, and I copied the script from his example game and such and pasted it into my current project. But when I tried to open it it said "Unable to find file: Graphics/Lights/light...
  2. Yroshima

    Event Light Help

    Hello guys, I hope everyone are fine. I need some help with a event light system. On the image 1 is the current scenario, I want to activate some lights like the image 2 after the player make an action, but every time I entered in the game this point of light it's already in this way. How...
  3. Be_The_RPG

    Henchman Light Prologue - Learning Together Game Jam entry

    Hi, Entering my project for the Learning Together Game Jam. The project file is available in this link: It's called, Henchman Light Prologue. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace. -Only about 10 minutes play through...
  4. Quite.Toxick

    Quite Toxick's Lights & Shadows (Doodads)

    ~ SHADOWS ~  Are you tired of painting shadows on your maps with the old boring shadow pen? Do your eyes hurt when looking upon square shadows cast by round objects? Fed up with sprites being on top of shadows which should actually shade them? Well, I was. So I made my own shadow...
  5. Iavra

    Iavra Lighting System(s)

    As someone may know, i've been working on a lighting system for a while now. I'll use this thread to give you some updates as i go along. Currently i'm working on 2 different systems: - Pixel (fragment) based lighting, as can be seen here...
  6. Zack Phoenix

    Doing lightsources at night

    So I have been avoiding this for a while but I definitely need to touch on this now. Since my switch from VX Ace to MV, I haven't been able to use a lighting script to take care of lightsources for me so I'm at a loss of ideas. I have been fiddling around with creating a charactersheet and...
  7. XTheRedZombieX

    *SOLVED*Is there a torch effect? Or a plugin that gives you a flashlight?

    Hello there, before we start I am pretty sure 100% I placed this form in the wrong section(I'm sorry I am new to this xD)   Anyways, So I have done a day and night cycle in game and I was wondering if you were able to use a flashlight to give the circle to make the area around you look...
  8. Yroshima

    Light doubt

    Hello guys! I has a doubt about the light in a map. I am trying to leave all the map dark, but only some parts with can I do this? Thanks since now
  9. Zurea

    Opinion Required: Elements

    So in my game I'm currently working on I have currently 12 elements Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Poison, Metal, Arcane(magic), Ice, Life(Nature), Thunder But I kinda feel like there's too many and can make things confusing, so I was thinking of combining Ice into Water and...
  10. kajiwi

    The Headmasters Daughter

    Hey everyone, I´m Kajiwi and I´ll be presenting you my current project called "The Headmasters Daughter"! It is a story-orientated game, where you take the role of Alexis Light, a celestis that has lost her her magic abilities as a child and was thrown out from her families guild. Her...
  11. biud436

    Biud436's Simple Light

    Biud436's Simple Light v1.1.0 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin allows you to enable the light effect like as lantern on the map. Features - This plugin does not require images. - This only works in WebGL mode. - RPG Maker MV v1.6.1 or more. Screenshots Video How to setup...
  12. SwiftIllusion

    [Crash Course Project] 3 small games : cutscene/combat/puzzle focused

    ~ ~ ~ Project 1 - completed in 3 days ~ ~ ~ "Play as Erik, avenging Angela and Salem by trying to convince your Landlord after being kicked out unfairly, that pets are a joy and you should all be allowed to return to your apartment." Original randomized topic: A simulation...
  13. Bit's and peices

    Terms: These are all free to use in commercial and non-commercial  RPG Maker Games you have licenses for. I'll be updating this and adding more tilesets to this and eventually adding sprite parts and costumes. The blood and photos are of my own creation, the skeleton, science tubes? and the...
  14. Kaus

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

        Download Plugin  v1.11 By: Kaus   ADD ONS: (March 15, 2016) NEW! Kaus Sprite Fixes v1.0 - DOWNLOAD SNIPPET Kaus Sprite Fixes Plugin helps display sprites correctly. Fixes: -Jittering Parallax Background on Smooth Cameras (the 1 pixel glitch between...
  15. Syndicate

    Lighting effects & Stepping Sounds for MV

    Hey fellow RPG Maker's! Now I'm unsure if this is support or a specific code request so I do apologise if it needs to be moved (*hugs mods*). Basically, I'm after something similar, if not exactly the same, as Khas Lighting effects for MV, to create some awesome lighting and atmosphere for the...
  16. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping and Light effects.

    Imagine you got Khas Awesome Light Effects or any other free to use script for light effects. Now Imagine that you want to add a parallax picture on the map and show a picture, instead of mapping as usual. So that way you understand that the Light script does not work anyomore, because it is...
  17. Candles that Produce Light

    Hi there, I'm new to this community and RPG Maker VX Ace and was wondering if there was an easy way to create an event which produces light coming from a candle graphic in a dim area.. Also, if you know how to move the location of the title screen text, change the font and the size. Thank...
  18. DShroom

    Moving Pictures and How many colours is too many?

    Hi everyone. I'm about to have a crack at Parallax mapping for the first time, kind of struggling to find a nice rounded tutorial from start to image, that isn't just visuals to music, and doesn't use outdated script, but found a few so hopefully should be able to make it through. EDIT: Ok a...
  19. L42cf

    When I try and leave a lantern lighted room, it stays dark

    So I have this underground system set up so that when you drop into it, the lantern effect lighting happens. That's all fine and dandy. I move to the next room , and it is working as intended. shows me about to leave the room, and when I do leave i should have a bright and normal overworld...
  20. mike9168422

    Creating Elements Help?

    Im trying to create a Light element, and am needing help.

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