1. rubensolid

    Problem with the cloud shadows and artificial illumination

    Hi ^^ Im making a parallax map in which i have implemented the Woratana multiple Fogs script in order to make a "cloud shadows effect". I have a dark layer to make the night effect and i would like to make the light of some lamppost. The problem comes when the cloud shadows move to the...
  2. wrigty12

    Mirror and Light Reflecting Puzzle

    I am looking to add a Mirror and Light Reflecting puzzle to one of my dungeons (Like in Zelda: Twilight Princess) For those who don't know about it, here is a runthrough: 1) A light source gives off a beam of light. 2) Movable "Mirror Statues" reflect the beam of light at an angle, making a...
  3. Light Effect Script...

    I'm back...again... And this time, I'm either completely stupid, or I completely broke the Victor Light Effect script. It was really my first time trying to work with a downloaded script, and it seems to work just fine for everyone else. And for me? Well, it did. Until I added other events...
  4. MusicWizard

    Moving NPC with Light Source.

    Hello fellow RPG Maker game developers. I got a question but i am not sure i am in the right part of the forum. Anyways. I am trying to get an NPC and MOB that are moving around as an Event to have an light source that follows them while they are moving around in random. How to make it work...
  5. Creative Ed

    Very Easy Lighting Effects Tutorial

    I'm here to teach you a very very easy way of doing lighting effects without using any kind of script or complicated stuff. This tutorial is Beginner Friendly. After this tutorial you'll have something like this:   So Let's Start!   #1 - Set up your map and place an event of a fire...
  6. 22pepperjack

    Zelda Style Light Paths

    Ok, so my college has allowed me to put together a small video game design group, and we are using VX Ace to make our first game. (An easy dungeon explorer.) And we have encountered a problem. We want to make a dungeon puzzle with the same mechanic's as the Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and...
  7. Abaddyn

    I would like my cursor to produce light

    I am using RPG Maker VX Ace and I search the forums for about an hour to see if someone had already done this or asked for it.   I am not any good at scripting so I do not know if what I am attempting is possible. I am trying to create a mystery horror game using Khas Awesome Light Effects and...
  8. JLeeT82

    Scripting Newbie (ACE)

    Scripting/Programming is something I've got limited experience with. Over the past 6 hours (or so) I have been peering over Khas' "Awesome Light Effects" script for RPGM Ace. I have spent this time troubleshooting an issue where the map doesn't do anything at all upon loading the map. To start...
  9. JLeeT82

    Lights, Lighting, Dark, and Darkness (ACE)

    Since this is my first post, please bear with me. It seemed like this was the best place to ask about this. If I am wrong please let me know. All I ask for is some assistance. So I've gone through many tutorials for the ACE editor, and I'm starting on my project (maybe a little too ambitious)...
  10. Hororo

    window light rays

    i would like to request a graphic wherein you show a light rays for windows probably like this one: the light ray might be the same size like that one :) i hope you can help me ;P

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