lighting effects

  1. Tiffypowers79

    RMMV Khas Lighting Timed Lantern.

    I got Khas Advanced Lighting Plugin from here: Basically I'm having issues incorporating a timed lantern into my game. I have a common event set up wherein when you use the lantern item it starts a timer and then turns PlayerLantern...
  2. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV [SOLVED] Too many events causing game lag, or am I bad at eventing?

    I honestly don't know where to post this, but in general I'm fairly new to javascript and the rmmv engine. I've been using gradient images under the character folder & prefix to add lighting and shading for things like lanterns, non-animated stuff such as tree/large object bloom effects, and...
  3. Ghosttt

    RMMV Help with lighting!!!

    So I'm making a game for my final project of my uni degree, super short. I'm doing all the art alone and I dunno how to code. 99% of it is in the dark so I'm trying to figure out how to do a circle of light around the player, I have the Galv Visibility range plugin (...
  4. Sprite-Matching Shadow Effects Plugin Request

    So, the basic shadow effect is just a circle on the floor. Which is great and all, but I want something a little more, dynamic? Basically, I want the shadows to match the sprite of the event(npc)/actor(player) and be cast on the same direction for all of them which changes depending on the map...
  5. ScorchedGround

    Lighting plugin help (LNM_LightingTool and exiting the menu)

    Hello everyone. I am using LNM_LightingTool to create some basic lighting to lift up the atmosphere. It works fine in every regard. However one thing that bugs me is that whenever I delete an event that has lighting, the lighting disappears, just how I want it to. The thing is, when I open the...
  6. A Little help with some lighting issues..

    Hello! Ive been trying to make a horror theme game for a while now, but I seem to be having some issues with map transferals and lighting. On the outside (before entering the school) I am trying to create a dark scary theme. I've used the tint screen method and I have tried the picture overlay...
  7. renguro

    Light Surrounding Player in Dark Area?

    I was wondering if there was a way to make the halo of light around a player, sort of similar to how Pokemon games do it. Like this, except a softer glow, and just a dim background instead of a completely dark one.
  8. Abtin

    Terrax Lighting moving light source problem

    Really strange how I haven't found any other threads discussing this, but I have a really big problem regarding moving light sources using Terrax Lighting. Whenever I have an event move that has a light source on it, the light source won't smoothly follow the event. Instead, it'll "jump" from...
  9. liamx2000

    Questions about using pictures as lighting

    Hi all , hope this is the right spot to ask for help , I want to be able to use a picture to overlay over the map to add extra lighting like sun beams coming from windows and street lamps shining bright , stuff like that , I'm finding it hard to find the best way to create a picture of right...
  10. eat beans

    Add Film Grain to RPG Maker

    Is there any way to add a film grain effect to your game? I searched it up and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.
  11. LevelNoMatter

    Lighting and Time Editor

    Lighting and Time Editor v1.00 Level No Matter Due I haven't had time, Feelzor has offered to continue the plugin adding new features and fixing bugs. Download here Introduction I started making this plugin with the intention of giving a more professional look to my game, and the result...
  12. PixelLuchi

    Luchi-chan's Lighting Tutorial.

    Hey everyone, Luchi here with another mapping-based tutorial. I think I got at least 5 requests asking how I do the lighting in my maps, so, I'm here to show you how to do all that. I ask only a little of your patience and a few on-hand scripts to make the most of this tutorial. This tutorial...

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